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Shake the earth this Prime Day with one (or more) of four metal guitars from as little as $269.99

Metal Guitars Deals
(Image credit: Schecter/Jackson/LTD)

When you think of a great metal guitar, you think of a few specific criteria. A super thin, comfortable neck, high output pickups, and striking looks. When all of these factors combine harmoniously to make an absolute beast of a guitar, that’s when real creativity starts. Sounds expensive though, doesn’t it? Not anymore, with savings of up to $270 on four killer metal guitars right now at Guitar Center.

We know there are a few different options when it comes to picking up a metal guitar that you love - but let us steer you in the direction of some of our favourites, and some of the best deals around this Prime Day. Most notably, the Jackson JS34Q Dinky. Not only is the ‘80s hair metal vibe thoroughly implied with this option, but it’s also very capable of modern tones, both crushing and sophisticated. 

The LTD EC-401QM is another one of these ‘dark horse’ options, with slightly more traditional looks and modern electronics. The active EMG’s installed in the LTD will handle any metal scenario with ease, making this a solid option for those who like the look of a certain single-cutaway design.  

Prime Day is here on June 21st and 22nd. We'll be covering all the best electric guitar deals on our Prime Day music deals page.

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