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Prime Day lightning deal! Give your snare more crack with these PureSound Custom Pro 20-strand steel wires

Puresound steel snare wires
(Image credit: Puresound)

Prime Day music deals: When trying to improve the sound of a snare drum, most drummers tend to head straight for new skins, but sometimes an upgrade to the snare wires is all that's needed to achieve a fuller, fatter sound. It'll cost you less, too. Particularly today...

Puresound make some of the best snare wires around and the 20-strand Custom Pro steel model is a popular choice. Not only do they make your snare sound great, but at each end you'll also find anti-choke plates which lift the wires away from the edge of the head, reducing sympathetic buzz.

What's more, these wires feature a Speed Release Strap, which enables you to disengage the wires if you need to make a quick head change.

We'd recommend stocking up now as this Lightning Deal will end at 07.45am.

PureSound Custom Pro Snare Wires. Was $21.05, now $15.35
Treat your 14" snare drum to some crisp new steel wires and enjoy a fatter, fuller sound with loads of crack. Built-in features help reduce unwanted buzz and produce consistent tension along the full length of the wires. This deal ends at 07.45am on July 15.View Deal