Stop this train – the PRS John Mayer SE Silver Sky has £296 off at Andertons

Stop this train – the PRS John Mayer SE Silver Sky has £296 off at Andertons
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Please note that this PRS SE Silver Sky deal is now sold out, but there are plenty of other deals to be had. Head over to the Andertons site for more fantastic offers.

When the original Silver Sky was launched in 2018, it threw the internet into a frenzy. Some players loved the new bolt-on neck PRS, while others scoffed at yet another Strat-like guitar hitting the market. That said, it's fair to say the guitar was a hit, so much so, in fact, that it spawned a popular, affordable SE variant. Now, while the Indonesian-built version is already considerably less expensive than the USA original, Andertons have just made it even more affordable by slashing £296 off the price! You could say we've been waitin' on the day this guitar got so heavily discounted. 

In our PRS SE Silver Sky review, we praised the signature model's meticulous build, finish and setup, and we were very taken with the overall playability of this stylish guitar. We even said at the time the guitar offered fantastic value for money, so imagine how pleased we were to see almost 300 quid off the price. 

PRS John Mayer SE Silver Sky Ever Green: £895, £599

PRS John Mayer SE Silver Sky Ever Green: £895, £599
Andertons have just slashed a whopping £296 off the price of the contemporary Ever Green PRS SE Silver Sky. So, if you've wanted to see what all the fuss is about, then now is the best time, as you're not likely to see this guitar at this price again. That said, you'll want to be quick, as of writing this, there are only six left in stock! 

The PRS SE Silver Sky boasts an impressive spec list, featuring a lightweight poplar body, bolt-on maple neck, as well as a rosewood fretboard, which is adorned with the iconic PRS bird inlays. Utilizing a 25.5" scale length, this guitar feels incredibly familiar to those used to a certain Californian brand, while the trio of single-coil 635JM "S" pickups deliver bags of vintage charm and chime. 

Visually, the Silver Sky brings a modern flare to this iconic shape, while perfectly harkening back to the S-style guitars of the past. The end result is a guitar that looks as elegant as it sounds - and we must say, we think it looks incredibly fetching in the Ever Green get-up. 

If you fancy taking advantage of this stellar deal, you'll want to be quick, as currently Andertons only have six guitars left in stock. Don't worry too much if you miss out though, as we'll be sharing all the best Black Friday Andertons deals we can find across Cyber weekend, as well as all the other Black Friday music deals from around the internet.  

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