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Save a huge 50% off any Ukutune ukulele this Prime Day - kickstart your musical adventures from as little as $24.99

Save a huge 50% off any Ukutune ukulele this Prime Day - kickstart your musical adventures from as little as $24.99
(Image credit: Ukutune)

The ukulele has made one heck of a comeback over the last decade. We see them all over the stages of our favourite summer festivals and hear them scattered across the latest Top 40 hits - so why shouldn’t you get a piece of the action? Well now you can until June 30th, with 50% off any Ukutune ukulele when you use the code PDUKE.

The ukulele has been historically viewed as something of a beginner instrument, most likely due to its small, convenient size and simple chord shapes - but more recently the ukulele has become a choice for musicians from all walks of life. If (like the rest of us) you could use some summer sun, then a new ukulele might be the next best thing. Granted, it’s not two weeks on a beach in Hawaii, but it sure sounds like it. Ukes come in a few different sizes, from soprano to baritone, so it might be worth flicking through our best ukuleles guide to see what will be most suitable for you. 

Ukutune Prime Day deal: Save 50% with the code PDUKE
Grab one (or more) of eight high-quality ukuleles from as little as $24.99 this Prime Day, thanks to the folks at Ukutune. With beginner and pro options in soprano, concert and tenor sizes, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Included with each uke is a free set of Aquila Nylgut strings to make sure you never stop playing, and a free gig bag to keep your uke safe and secure on the road. Use the code PDUKE until June 30th for 50% off. View Deal

Ukutune has been producing some of the coolest new ukes on the market as of late, and although you can get 50% off every single one, we have a few suggestions - most notably the UKS1 Soprano and UKE1 Solid Spruce Concert ukes. The UKS1 is one of the best beginner ukuleles, made from Sapele Mahogany and other engineered woods. Granted it’s not all-solid, but for less than $50 it’s a steal - and with an extra 50% off? A total no-brainer. 

The UKE1 Concert is a concert uke designed for someone who takes their playing seriously. Crafted from solid Spruce and Ebony, it looks, sounds and feels amazing. With the discount code PDUKE, you can pick a UKE1 up for only $74.99. All all-solid uke for under $100? Bargain. 

Looking for a bargain ukulele? Prime Day is here on June 21st and 22nd, and we’ll be rounding up all the very best uke offers on our Prime Day music deals page. 

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