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ROLI's entire controller line is up to 50% off for Black Friday

ROLI has slashed up to 50% off its entire controller line for Black Friday
(Image credit: ROLI)

ROLI has slashed prices on its entire lineup of polyphonic MIDI controllers by up to half with this immense Black Friday music deal.

Right now you can make huge savings on the Seaboard and Lightpad Blocks, Seaboard RISE 25 and 49, as well as the Songmaker Kit. Discounts range from 20% off the RISE 49, all the way up to 50% off a Lightpad Block.

All Blocks controllers now come bundled with ROLI Studio Player plugin too, putting hundreds of MPE sounds from ROLI’s Equator, Cypher2 and Strobe2 synths in one place.

There’s also the ROLI Studio Drums plugin, which promises to enable MPE beatmaking on your Lightpad Block. As well as being able to create grooves, you can also shape and warp drum sounds from the Lightpad’s surface.

A new Smart Chords feature is perfect for song makers and suggests chord progressions on a per-note basis, plus there’s a multi-layered arpeggiator.

ROLI's music-making products are some of the most innovative we've seen in years and these discounts are huge. Take a look before they sell out!

Buyer tip: some discounts don't show until you've put them in your cart.

All the US ROLI deals

Lightpad Block M: was $199.95, now $99.97 | save 50%
Thanks to refined hardware and vastly improved software implementation, the Lightpad is a desirable, expressive controller that's an absolute bargain at 50% off.View Deal

Seaboard Block: was $329.95, now $244.97| Save 26%
A unique and high-quality MPE-capable, expandable, two-octave controller with a price that makes Seaboards more generally accessible. Even better now there's an extra $100 off the price.View Deal

Songmaker Kit: was $649.95, now $454.97 | save 30%
The Songmaker Kit contains a Seaboard Block, a Lightpad Block M and a Loop Block. The two former devices serve as expressive keyboard and pad controllers, with the latter being used to control recording and sound switching features. Additionally, you get a Snapcase that can be used to house the Blocks and keep them safe when you’re on the move.View Deal

Seaboard RISE 25: was $849.95, now $594.97 | save 30%
While the RISE 25 isn't cheap, especially for a 25-key controller, it is unmistakably unique and the software is solid and sounds fantastic. If you're looking for a new way to control several dimensions of touch/sound simultaneously via a keyboard-style interface, then check this saving of just under $250.View Deal

Seaboard RISE 49: was $1,199.95, now $959.96 | save 20%
Get five dimensions of touch allowing sound-shaping that simply can't be achieved with a standard keyboard for under $1000, saving you over $200.View Deal

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