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There are still some amazing deals on synths, drum machines and Eurorack gear at Thomann this Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday Thomann synth deals
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So you have been waiting all weekend for that perfect deal to drop and now with all that procrastinating you've probably missed out. Instead of running around like a crazy thing, we've curated all the best synth, drum machine and Eurorack gear deals that can be had at Thomann this Cyber Monday.

There's a fair few, so sit back, scroll and get that purchase pistol at the ready. But be quick, according to the Thomann website these deals are going to be ending tonight!

*UPDATE: While it looks as though Thomann's Cyber Sale is over, the good folk over in Treppendorf, Germany have seen fit to keep some of the deals alive. So while it doesn't look like the sale is still on, we've still got a fair few deals here that have stuck.

Thomann Cyber Monday deals: Synths

Behringer TD-3-SR: £85/€99

Behringer TD-3-SR: £85/€99 £66/€79
Christmas is approaching, and what could be more festive than a red bassline synth? This is a crazy price for this brightly coloured version of Behringer's 303 clone, so take advantage while you can.

IK Multimedia Uno Synth: £135

IK Multimedia Uno Synth: £135, £109
IK's first foray into hardware synthesis with the help of the folks at Sound Machines came in the form of the Uno, a 2 VCO monosynth with a versatile 16-step sequencer. You can pick one up today with 19% off full price. 

Behringer Pro-1: £211

Behringer Pro-1: £211, £166
Behringer's remake of the Sequential Circuits Pro-One neatly packaged up into an 80 HP width module, might dispense with the original's keyboard, but vows to recreate that unmistakable growl with the inclusion of a dual VCO design based on the original CEM3340 chip. Bag one today with an impressive 21% off.

Moog Subharmonicon: £635

Moog Subharmonicon: £635, £579 

The Moog Subharmonicon has more creative potential than almost any other synth we've come across. Ripe for experimentation, this polyrhythmic analogue synthesizer is capable of producing endlessly evolving, euclidean rhythms that shift and transform as they repeat, generating infinitely complex patterns and interweaving phrases. It can also be integrated with the Mother-32 and DFAM to open up even more exciting sonic possibilities. 

Behringer MonoPoly: Was £579, now £489

Behringer MonoPoly: Was £579, now £489
This four-voice analog synth is a must-have for synth heads. With its 37 velocity-sensitive keys, four oscillators, and a wealth of other features including an arpeggiator, this is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a versatile new synth and with 16% at Thomann, you can’t go wrong. 

IK Multimedia Uno Synth Pro Desktop:

IK Multimedia Uno Synth Pro Desktop: £344, £309
The Uno Synth Pro was released earlier this year and impressed everyone, including us. Packed with great stereo effects, three discrete wave-morphing oscillators, original OTA filter, a 16-slot modulation matrix, 64-step sequencer with 84 parameters, 10-mode arp and much more. This desktop edition is 10% off at Thomann.

Korg Minilogue XD: only £459 at Thomann

Korg Minilogue XD: only £459 at Thomann

The Korg Minilogue XD is a 37-key analogue powerhouse capable of producing everything from razor-sharp leads to dreamy pads to chunky basslines. The synth's gnarly analogue tone can be run through the XD's two-pole filter, digital FX section and sophisticated step sequencer. Available for £459 at Thomann, this is the best analogue synth deal we've seen this Cyber Monday. 

Thomann Cyber Monday deals: Drum machines

Roland TR-06: £325

Roland TR-06: £325, £285
Roland's Boutique remake of the once misunderstood, but now legendary TR-606 Drumatix features the sound character, behavior and user interface of the original, all courtesy of Roland's Analogue Circuit Behaviour technology. The unit also come with five channels of trigger outputs and a trigger input to seemlessly integrate with the rest of your analogue studio setup.

Behringer RD-6-LM: £118

Behringer RD-6-LM: £118, £83
If you want to go a bit closer to the original Roland TR-606 Drumatix machine in terms of size, then check out the Behringer RD-6. Ok, so you're not getting the original silver colourway, but who doesn't love a lurid, translucent lime green chassis?! You only get LT and HT trigger outputs with the RD-6 unlike the five channels of the TR-06, but it's green remember? Oh, and only £83!

Thomann Cyber Monday deals: Sequencers

Polyend Tracker AE Bogdan Raczynski: £594

Polyend Tracker AE Bogdan Raczynski: £594, £422
Check out this limited edition Bogdan Raczynski model from Polyend's Limited Artist Edition series. Underneath the striking overlay is a standalone hardware tracker packed with a sampler, granular synth, wavetable synth and much more. You're also treated to a limited edition vinyl EP after registering your hardware. 

Soma Ornament-8: £589

Soma Ornament-8: £589, £535
When is a sequencer not a sequencer? When it's the Soma Labs Ornament-8, an organismic sequencer, or a synthesizer of behaviour. It's a design without a defined tempo or measure but with a freely configurable playback structure. A sequence is generated by creatively daisy-chaining cells using patch cables, so you can be guaranteed a journey into the unknown with the Ornament-8.

Thomann Cyber Monday deals: Eurorack gear

Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythm: £429

Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythm: £429, £375
Get a handsome 13% off Tiptop Audio's performance sequencer, Circadian Rhythms. You are treated to an eight-channel sequencer that features eight gate outputs and multi-coloured LEDs, with up to 512 steps and 24 ppq resolution for detailed programming.

Behringer 994 Multiples: £33

Behringer 994 Multiples: £33, £24.90
Taken from Behringer's range of Moog System 55 modules, recreated in Eurorack format, the 994 Multiples is a very simple but effective utility that won't take up much space in your case. The 4HP module is a passive multiple distributor that contains two 1-to-3 multiples. 

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