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Save 20% on Shure’s industry standard SE215 Pro in-ear monitors for Black Friday

Shure SE215 Pro deal
(Image credit: Shure)

One of the best things about Black Friday music deals are the surprises that come up on gear you might not immediately jump to among the throng of shiny new instruments. Here, Amazon is giving you the opportunity to bag a pair of Shure’s revered SE215 Pro in-ear monitors with 20% off for Black Friday - and you can choose between clear, black or blue finishes.

The Shure SE215 Pro rank as some of the best budget in-ears on the market, and even though they’re a single-driver design, there’s decent bass and a full-range frequency response, making these perfect for use on stage and in the studio. We awarded them 4.5 stars in our Shure SE215 Pro review

Shure SE215 Pro in-ear monitors: were $99, now $79

Shure SE215 Pro in-ear monitors: were $99, now $79
If you’ve been thinking of making the move into in-ear monitors, these wired options are the perfect entry point, made even better with a 20% reduction for Black Friday. They feature a single driver with enhanced bass, three different sizes of earbud (in foam or flex materials) plus a formable cable for a secure fit around your ear and a carrying case. Ditch the wedges and join the in-ear revolution for less!

What’s more, Shure claims that the SE215s block out 90% of ambient noise, which means you’ll receive some level of protection from loud on-stage sounds, leaving you to control the level that enters your eardrum.

They include three sets of buds in different size ranges and two different materials (flex and foam), meaning that you can get the best fit for your ear possible. While the formable cable will ensure they sit securely in place while you play.

The MMCX connector attaches the cable to the buds allowing for 360-degree rotation, and reducing stress from your head movement, while the whole lot comes in a convenient Shure carrying case to keep them safe.

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