Frankfurt Musikmesse 09: day three highlights

Gibson Raw Power SG
Gibson Raw Power SG

Welcome to day three of Frankfurt Musikmesse 2009! After a sleepless night of video editing and over-peppered pizza (don't ask) we've managed another glorious lap of the show floor.

While backing-up some of yesterday's top picks with hands-on video demos (hello, Akai Miniak), we've found fresh highlights in the shape of Yamaha's NX series nylon acoustics and Gibson's Raw Power Series.

Be sure to check back on Monday when we'll be welcoming home our Frankfurt heroes… by making them post even more videos, hidden treasures and trade show tales. Until then…

Show floor highlights: day three

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Satch's signature pedals have come a long way in six months - get the skinny from the man himself here

Gibson Raw Power Series
Brand-new stripped-down, all-maple electrics make their worldwide debut. The series includes SGs and Les Pauls…

Carmine Appice signature ddrum kit
Huge kick, regular toms: "this is the same kit I had in 1967," says Carmine Appice. We'll let the drumming legend himself explain the rest…

Yamaha NX guitars
Nylon string, pre-aged wood electro-acoustic guitars break conventions, but don't disappoint. Just ask Rodrigo y Gabriela…

Doepfer Dark Energy
A standalone analogue synthesizer with USB and Midi interface, Sounds cool, looks cooler…

Vox ToneLab ST
The most compact TomeLab yet, this Valvetronix, tube-powered do-it-all unit offers 33 different amp models and an array of cabinets and effects

Nord C2 Combo Organ
The C1 had evolved! Baroque pipe organ, rock solid key action and a bunch of new accessories make the C2 well worthy of its dedicated video demo

Yamaha Absolute Series drum kit update
New finishes, new "next generation" YESS tom mounts and a promise of greater sound projection. We are intrigued…

Next page: what's in the Musikmesse basement today?

From the basement…

Hand-shaped cymbals

The Wholigans

Vintage guitar porn

Red pedal, green pedal, orange trainer…

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