Frankfurt Musikmesse 09: day two highlights

Cube drums: spotted in the basement...
Cube drums: spotted in the basement...

If you thought day one's highlights were impressive, you might want to sit down before you read on.

Day two of Frankfurt Musikmesse 2009 has been a veritable treasure trove of new music making gear - luckily we filmed most of it because with trade show fatigue kicking in, who knows where we'll wake up tomorrow? Hopefully underneath the Gibson stand clutching a new SG Raw Power… keep an eye on the blog to see why later.

Show floor highlights: day two

Akai Miniak
Portable synth with vocoder that could provide some competition for the MicroKorg

Marshall Haze Series amplifiers
"Portable, pure valve, studio quality tone." Choose from the Haze40 and the Haze15 with an optional four-way foot controller

Zoom Drums' 'collapsible' floor tom and kick
Italian newcomers Zoom revealed two drums which can be collapsed (zoomed in or out, hence the clever name) to offer the player a variety of depths

Peavey Ecoustic Series
Brand new acoustic amps with two channels, effects, footswitch (and looper), delay, reverb, chorus and more

Open Labs DBeat
A next-gen groovebox that can host your favourite plug-ins

Solid Stage Logic X-Desk
Legendary SSL quality in a compact, relatively affordable mixer

PreSonus Studio One
We weren't expecting this: a new cross-platform DAW

Tama Simon Phillips Anniversary kit
The Toto and former The Who drummer celebrates a 30 year relationship with limited edition 16-piece monster. It'll cost around £16k, but we can still look…

Dave Mustaine Signature Marshall amps
We were lucky enough to hear Dave demo these personally - watch for yourself here

Euphonix MC Transport
A new controller that promises easy navigation of your DAW

Alesis DM6 electronic kit
Featuring a brand new module, 108 sounds and 'natural' rubber pads

Next page: what's in the Musikmesse basement?

From the basement…

Gigantic modular synth

Cakewalk rap-rock

Klanginitiative's cube drum kit

White Falcon lust

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