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5 more unmissable gear demos from Frankfurt 09

MusicRadar's Frankfurt-based colleagues have been up all night… editing video!

Scroll down for day two's spoils including Gibson's Raw Power series and Akai's Miniak synth…

1. Nord C2 Combo Organ

Nord's Thomas Johansson shows off the C2 Combo Organ and its sister the Pedal Keys 27 bass pedal keyboard

2. Akai Miniak synth and MPD18

Big highlights from day two at Frankfurt, so we had to get them on video: the MPD18 USB pad controller and the Miniak virtual analogue synth.

3. Gibson Raw Power Les Paul

Ok, so this is more of a drool fest than a gear demonstration but just look at those curves… mmmmmm.

4. Carmine Appice ddrum signature kit

"This is the same kit I had in 1967," says Carmine Appice. Who better to demo a signature line than the namesake himself? What a legend…

Next page: hand-shaped cymbals!

5. Matt Nolan cymbals

Ever seen a cymbal shaped like a samurai helmet? Or a shield? Or a hand? Neither had we. Check out British cymbalsmith Matt Nolan discuss the craft.

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