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Frankfurt Musikmesse 09: day four highlights

Orange Crush Series
Orange Crush Series

Our Frankfurt-based reporters are back in Blighty, and they've brought back the highlights from the final day of Musikmesse 2009.

If you're a (very) late-comer to the party, never fear: here are day one's, day two's and day three's highlights to get you back you on track.

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Show floor highlights: day four

Orange Crush Series
Brand new updates on the popular entry level Crush Series of guitar and bass combos. Full spec TBC but much more power is expected

Ludwig Liverpool 4 Ringo Starr Kit
A loving recreation of Ringo's 60s kit, a shaky camera and a whole lot of drool…

Klanginitiative's Cube Kit
Upgraded from a day one basement entry to a full video demonstration. File this under cool/mental…

Peavey PXD Series
Caught a glimpse of these back in NAMM 2008, so it's about time we got them down on film. Tom from Peavey provides the skinny…

From the basement…

Chicks On Picks

Spooky fireball guitar thing

When is an Orange not an Orange?

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