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Go wireless for less with $80 off the Boss WL-60 in this Amazon Black Friday deal

Go wireless for less with $80 off the Boss WL-60 in this Amazon Black Friday deal
(Image credit: Boss)

Going wireless has never been easier, or more reliable than now, and if you’re considering making the switch to a cable-free connection between your guitar and the rest of your rig, now could well be the time to do it for less. Amazon’s eoic Black Friday deal sees $80 slashed off the price of the Boss WL-60 wireless system, setting the price at just $199.

The Boss WL-60 guitar wireless system comprises two parts. There’s the compact, Boss pedal-sized WL60 receiver, which will fit neatly onto your pedalboard alongside the rest of your stompers. But the system also includes the even-smaller WL-60T bodypack which mounts discretely to your guitar strap or clothing, and a high quality cable is included for making the short connection from your instrument to the bodypack.

Boss WL-60 Wireless System: $279.99

Boss WL-60 Wireless System: $279.99, now $199.99
The Boss WL-60 wireless system puts reliable wireless connectivity between your guitar and the rest of your rig in easy reach. It’s designed to eliminate drop-outs and interference, with a 20 metre range and up to 25 hours of transmission on a single pair of alkaline AA batteries. Get it for $80 less now and de-clutter your stage!

The system works over a 2.4GHz carrier frequency, with an automatic 14-channel scanner that means you can use multiple units in the same band, and there’s no threat of picking up passing traffic or radio stations. You can also add additional WL-60T transmitters if you use multiple guitars or basses throughout your set.

It has a transmission range of up to 20 metres, leaving you free to move around the stage, get out front for sound checks, or strut through the audience without the confinements of a traditional jack cable. When you do, you’ll experience ultra-low, 2.3ms latency, and Boss has included a Cable Tone switch to emulate the filtering that you’re used to hearing from a cable.  

The whole lot is powered by a PSU (for the receiver), which is also capable of delivering power to your pedals via its DC output. By using two AA alkaline batteries in the transmitter body pack, Boss says you can achieve up to 25 hours of use before you’ll need to switch - that’s a lot of gigs!

The deal ends at 23:59 on 29 November. Grab it now before the price goes back up!

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