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The 11 best pedalboards 2020: top choice pedalboards for guitarists

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If you have a few guitar effects pedals in your arsenal, and you haven't already, you're probably thinking about getting a pedalboard. In the first instance (if you're anything like us), you might be thinking about cobbling together your own pedalboard from an old suitcase or some wood offcuts, but investing in one of the best pedalboards listed below is well worth it.

These ready-made boards or panels act as a container for all of your guitar pedals – whether that's delay pedals, reverb pedals, tremolo pedals or others – and they vary in terms of size, weight, features and price. 

We've tried out a wide range to cover most bases, so all of the heavy research has been sorted for you.

What is the best pedalboard right now?

If you have no set budget and you can afford a custom board, or you're a touring musician with a tech, then the Schmidt Array board is, quite literally, the best that money can buy. Of course, being so solid means it's bulky and heavy, so if space is at a premium and you don't have roadies to move your gear for you then something lighter might be more appropriate.

For the majority of us, the well-regarded Pedaltrain range is the best option around. A little pricey but solid, without being too over-the-top in terms of cost or weight, there are a variety of case options available, and even the light soft cases can take a reasonable beating. 

The Nano series are small enough that the case can be slung over your shoulder, and assuming you've got a guitar at your destination, you can even cycle to a jam or to a gig.

Finally, we simply have to give a shoutout to an innovator in the space. If you want a small board that can be expanded later, then the Aclam Smart Track S2 is an excellent, flexible solution.

How to buy the best pedalboard for you

Factory-produced pedalboards can not only help to neaten your setup, but also make it more portable. Some of the boards featured here come with an over-the-shoulder carry bag, and most of the common big-name brands will have an option for a hard flight case, for if you're going on longer tours or overseas.

Even if it's just intended to be used as a home or studio board, having everything logically laid out and accessible is better than a mass of pedals skidding about on the floor. It's very satisfying to grab a board that's ready to record with and plug it straight in, rather than faffing around with choosing and connecting your 'go-to' pedals.

As with most things guitar-related, there's a range of different options, from budget to high-end custom – the Schmidt Array custom boards featured here are not only achingly beautiful, but expensive too.

With most of the options we've listed below, we've chosen roughly equivalent sizes, starter models or practical mid-sized boards. It's worth noting however that almost every manufacturer offers multiple sizes and accessories, so if the one we've focussed on here is either too large or too small for your needs, it's worth checking out the full range to see if there's one that's spot on.

The best pedalboards you can buy right now

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Best pedalboards 2019: Pedaltrain Classic JR

(Image credit: Pedaltrain)
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Best pedalboards 2019: Pedaltrain Classic JR

(Image credit: Pedaltrain)
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Best pedalboards 2019: Pedaltrain Classic JR

(Image credit: Pedaltrain)

1. Pedaltrain Classic JR

The classic choice when it comes to the best pedalboards

Launch price: £79/$119.99 | Dimensions: 45.7x31.7cm | Construction: Aluminium | Case: Softcase | Power supply mounting: No

Spacious yet small enough to carry
Won't break the bank
Comes with zip ties and Velcro
Some power supplies are hard to fit under the Nano series

The de-facto standard for pedalboards, the Pedaltrain series has more different options and models than you can shake a stick at.

The Classic series has a number of different sizes, with risers available if you need to improve the ergonomics of pedals on higher rails. The JR is a decent size for a grab-and-go board, or something that you need to take on public transport, fitting up to about ten pedals. 

The regular Pedaltrains have options for their brand of power-supply, but most brands will fit comfortably underneath, as will cable-runs and I/O connectors.

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Best pedalboards 2019: Pedaltrain Nano

(Image credit: Pedaltrain)
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2. Pedaltrain Nano

A tiny but mighty pedalboard

Launch price: $139/£108 (Classic 1) | Dimensions: 55.9x31.7cm | Weight: N/A | Construction: Aluminium | Case: Soft | Power supply mounting: No

Not all power supplies fit

The Pedaltrain Nano is a compact, soft-cased board that accommodates only a single row of pedals, but it’s a great option if that’s all you need and you’re craving a tidy solution.

Because of the tight space under the board, you'll have to raise the rear feet by DIY means, or buy a specific compact power supply. Luckily Pedaltrain, Strymon and other brands offer super-slim supplies that will fit - for a price.

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3. Aclam Smart Track S2

A clever, Velcro-free pedalboard solution

Launch price: $199/£168 | Dimensions: 59x15cm | Weight: 3kg | Construction: Aluminium | Case: Softcase | Power supply mounting: Yes

Highly modular
Non-destructive mounting system
Affordable starter kit
Cable runs have to go along top side of the 'board

Part of the latest trend toward modular, extendable pedalboard solutions, the Aclam boards have a number of interesting features. First is that you don't need to fix your pedals using Velcro. Instead, the Smart Track fasteners allow you to firmly fix pedals to the board without any adhesive. 

Another cool feature is the ability to switch out the main bed of the board, which means you can substitute a smaller set of rails for a larger one if your collection grows. Like the Pedaltrain line, the Aclam comes with a softcase as standard for maximum portability. 

Finally, in addition to the expected kits for attaching power supplies to the underside, there's the option of an extender kit for the board feet to increase the pitch of the board.

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4. Gator G-Tour Large

The best pedalboard if you want a bombproof tour option

Launch price: $219/£189 | Dimensions: 60x27.94cm | Weight: 15kg | Construction: Wood and Aluminium | Case: Flightcase | Power supply mounting: Not included

Retractable handle and wheels for touring
Extremely rugged construction
Carry handles on main board
Might not fit as a carry on

Gator offer an overwhelming array of options, from Pedaltrain-style boards which will take power and cable runs on the underside, to heavy-duty options where everything sits topside between large carry handles. 

As well as soft-cases, there's flight case options for most of the range. There's some particularly wild board and case combinations at the more esoteric end of the range, too. For example, there's the Gigbox, which has integrated power and a case that can be used as a guitar stand for three guitars, and the Mega Bone, a single-row board with space for two wah-sized pedals at either end that curves around the user like the Holeyboard.

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5. Warwick RockBoard TRES 3.1

A brilliantly modern modular system

Launch price: $99/£88 | Dimensions: 51x23.6cm | Weight: 1.2kg | Construction: Aluminium | Case: Soft case | Power supply mounting: Not included

Modular optional patch bays and power supplies
Some Tetris required to organise side-mount vs top-mount pedals

The Warwick Rockboard is another modular option that offers custom-level specs at non-custom prices. While it's still not cheap, you can easily put together something robust and tailored for your specific needs. 

Boards come as standard with a softcase, and then you can pick a patchbay to slot into the rear for I/O, power supply and buffer options that work for you. There's also a variety of mounting accessories available for you to customise to your heart's content.

Read the Warwick RockBoard review

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Best pedalboards 2019: Diago Showman

(Image credit: Amazon)
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Best pedalboards 2019: Diago Showman

(Image credit: Amazon)

6. Diago Showman

An old-school pedalboard with integrated hardcase

Launch price: $179/£189 | Dimensions: 75x35cm | Weight: 7kg | Construction: Plywood | Case: Hardcase | Power supply mounting: N/A

Solid wood construction
3M of velcro included 
Holds a surprising number of pedals
Expensive compared to other options

Diago's line, which includes the venerable Gigman, Showman and Tourman, are decent options if you want an integrated hard-case for your pedals. 

They also offer accessories like risers that you can use to rearrange the order or ergonomics of your pedals within the case. 

However, cable runs and power supplies can't be stowed away, and space is lost as a result. They're also not cheap, at least compared to the non-custom options on offer.

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7. Boss BCB-60

A no-nonsense solution from the pedal legend

Launch price: $215/£120 | Dimensions: 67x37cm | Weight: 3.8kg | Construction: Moulded Resin | Case: Integrated | Power supply mounting: N/A

Tough as nails
Integrated power supply
Included patch cables
Power supply isn't isolated

A fine first board, the BOSS BCB also has a number of useful features like I/O connectors, send and return jacks, a power supply and space at the top for miscellaneous odds and ends. 

It's a decent feature set in a highly portable and robust package, but the main drawback is that the foam inserts to brace the pedals are modelled on the BOSS form factor, meaning that if you want to have a different set of pedals than 4-6 BOSS products, they might not fit so well.

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8. Temple Audio Duo 17

Custom pedalboard options at consumer prices

Launch price: $89/£69 | Model: Duo 17 | Dimensions: 43.2x31.8cm | Weight: 1.1kg | Construction: Aluminium | Case: Not included | Power supply mounting: Not included

Perforated top panel makes board light
Fits two rows of pedals
No case

Another 'board that doesn't force you to use velcro is the Temple Board. With gaps above pedals for cable runs and power supplies, pedals are fixed via zip tie or the company's proprietary Quick Release Pedal Mounts. 

The 'boards themselves are modular, with a number of different end-panel options that range from plain to complex, with integrated I/O and power connectors. 

They're stylish, but the layout of larger holes might be an issue on 'boards containing a large number of pedals with side-mount, rather than top-mount, jacks.

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9. Holeyboard New Standard

An unconventional but wholly practical option

Launch price: $179/£129 | Dimensions: 64.77x45.72cm | Weight: 2.5kg | Construction: Aluminium | Case: Not included | Power supply mounting: Zip ties included

Surprisingly spacious
Doesn't come with a case

With a wide range of different sizes, shapes and models, the Holeyboard has come a long way from its original wooden incarnation. Now made of lightweight aluminium, there's a variety of options for stylish-looking and robust carrying cases and bags with more than a touch of hipster flair to them. 

The main reason they have found themselves on this best pedalboards list is the highly ergonomic form-factor, with the original having space for a wah or Whammy on the right, and then two layers of stacked pedals to the left, with space for a power supply under the shelf. 

The whole board is curved, offering the user maximum access to the pedals, which can be routed more efficiently. The holes serve a practical purpose too, both lowering the weight of the board and offering a way of affixing pedals using zip ties.

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10. Harley Benton SpaceShip 40

The best pedalboard for those on a budget

Launch price: $60/£45 | Dimensions: 45x30.5cm | Weight: 1.2kg | Construction: Aluminium | Case: Softcase included | Power supply mounting: Yes

Cheap but strong
Adjustable height feet
Frame has carpet-like covering
Softcase included

Proving that not all the options need break the bank, Thomann's own brand Harley Benton line has some decent Pedaltrain alternatives, with a variety of sizes under the Spaceship moniker. 

They're competitively priced, come with a soft case as standard, and as a neat feature boast adjustible feet at the rear so that the pitch of the board can be easily adjusted.

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11. Schmidt Array

The ultimate in boutique pedalboards

Launch price: $613/£471 | Model: SA450 | Dimensions: 45x14.4cm | Weight: 4.7kg | Construction: Wood | Case: Integrated | Power supply mounting: N/A

Stunning space-age looks
Modular replaceable pedal decks
Integrated I/O
All this cool doesn't come cheap

These stunning pedalboards are made to measure, and can be built with multiple different options, finishes, I/O connectors, shelves and sizes.

As they're built as integrated hard cases, they're not the lightest, but they're absolutely guaranteed to both perfectly fit your needs and turn heads wherever you go.