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Get a whopping 15% off keyboards, pianos and synths in Guitar Center's Black Friday-worthy sale

Get a whopping 15% off keyboards, pianos and synths in Guitar Center's Black Friday-worthy sale
(Image credit: Yamaha, Suzuki, Waldorf, Keith McMillen, CME)

If your fingers are itching to start tickling a new set of ivories but your brain is telling them to hold fire until the official Black Friday keyboard piano deals land, then relax. Thanks to those lovely people at Guitar Center you can get 15% off a broad range of keyboards, pianos and synths right now. That's right, the wait is over.

Whether you're a classical pianist, a jazz-loving organist or a synth programmer deep into EDM, there's definitely something here for you. All you have to do is pick-out a qualifying product priced at $199 or more, enter the code music15 at checkout and save yourself up to $500. It's that easy.

This early-Guitar Center Black Friday sale includes some incredible kit, including grand digital pianos, synth modules, analog synths, wavetable synths, fm synths, beginner keyboards, MIDI keyboards and controllers, foot controllers, sequencers and more. Prices range from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands, so there are some potentially massive savings to be had.

Below we've picked our favourite keyboards, pianos and synths from this incredible promotion. Head over to Guitar Center to discover even more heavily discounted products. 

Yamaha Reface CS synth: Was $399.99, now $339.99

Yamaha Reface CS synth: Was $399.99, now $339.99
Craving a huge bundle of classic synth tones in a tiny yet playable package? Welcome to the Yamaha Reface CS, the mini keyboard with a massive character. Based on Yamaha's iconic CS and AN synths, it features both additive and subtractive synthesis brought alive with 8-note polyphony.

Suzuki MDG-300 Grand Piano: $2,599.99

Suzuki MDG-300 Grand Piano: $2,599.99, $2,209.99
Imagine this as the centerpiece of both your home and your musical life! It looks amazing, sounds incredible and is a joy to play. There's a full color LCD screen, 128 note polyphony, six speakers and Bluetooth compatibility. Oh, and 100 rhythm styles so you can play along with anything from Bach to Boogie Woogie. Take advantage of the massive savings now.

Waldorf Iridium Synth: $2,699.99

Waldorf Iridium Synth:$2,699.99, now $2,294.99
Has Guitar Center gone crazy? A Waldorf Iridium at this price? Waldorf is one of the most revered names in synths, and the Iridium is a compact version of its ground-breaking Quantum model. This is a dream digital synth that boasts immense power and versatility – 16 voice polyphony, 7,000 patch memory, full stereo signal path, multi-touch display…

Keith McMillen K-Board Pro 4: $599, $509.15

Keith McMillen K-Board Pro 4: $599, $509.15
There's nothing like a generous discount to help you purchase something a little out of the ordinary. But you won't regret it! The awesome K-Board Pro 4 brings multi-dimensional touch sensitivity to your playing, including horizontal and vertical planes. Which means you can nail the most expressive solos imaginable. Take on your guitarist and win!

CME Xkey 37-Key USB Keyboard: $199.99

CME Xkey 37-Key USB Keyboard: $199.99, $169.99
Who doesn't need a neat little keyboard controller? Perfect for use in your home studio and so easy to take out on the road. At just 21.8" wide, this low-profile USB controller sure packs in some features, including velocity-sensitive keys and polyphonic aftertouch, plus inputs for sustain and expression pedals. At this price, you'd be mad to pass it up.

As the official Black Friday music deals approach we'll continue to bring you the latest deals on all the best kit, so if you want to save a fortune keep checking our Black Friday offers page. You'll be gutted if you miss out!

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