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Update your live rig with big savings on Bose L1 portable PA systems ahead of Black Friday

Bose L1 deals at Sweetwater
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Upon its launch, the Bose L1 set a new trend for portable, stylish PA systems that still pack a punch. It’s often been imitated, but never really bettered, which is why it sits high in our list of the best PA speakers available right now. The good news is that Sweetwater has just unveiled some cracking pre-Black Friday music deals deals on the Bose L1, meaning that you can bag yourself one of the most popular PA systems on the market for less.

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with this system, there are multiple components that make up an L1 configuration, from the vertical speaker array, to single and dual-bass driver units, as well as the Bose T4S ToneMatch four-channel mixer.

Save $100 on the Bose L1 Compact

One of the most popular early Sweetwater Black Friday deals will likely be the Bose L1 Compact, which currently has $100 knocked off the price tag at Sweetwater, dropping the price from $999 down to $899. This all-in-one system is aimed at singer-songwriters, buskers and open-mic performers, and comprises an L1 vertical speaker enclosure, bass driver/Power Stand and integrated two-channel ToneMatch mixer.

Bose L1 Compact Portable PA System| Was $999, now $899
Featuring the lightweight but powerful L1 Compact vertical array, this system includes six speakers to throw your sound far and (nearly 180-degrees) wide for small gigs and performances. The L1 Compact also includes an 8-inch bass speaker with integrated two-channel mixer. With $100 off, you can get stellar live sound for less right now!View Deal

The L1 Compact vertical enclosure features six individual speakers, all arranged at precise angles to give the L1 a near-180-degree throw. Meanwhile, the Power Stand features an 8-inch bass driver - making the system truly full-range - as well as housing the two-channel mixer.

The simple ToneMatch mixer gives you one XLR mic pre-amp, a switchable line/instrument-level jack input (for connecting a keyboard or acoustic guitar, for example) plus a 3.5mm mini-jack input allows you to connect a phone or other device for backing tracks or music in-between your sets.

Weighing-in at just 29lbs, this 200-watt setup is perfect if you need a lightweight, portable system for intimate performances. Like all Bose L1 systems, it even comes with gig bags to transport it safely!

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Bose L1 Compact

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Bose L1

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Bose L1 Compact

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More great Bose L1 deals at Sweetwater

Bose L1S with dual B1 bass modules | Was $1,948, now $1,888
If you want a step-up from the L1 Compact, take a look at this L1S offer. You get 12 (rather than six) speakers in the L1s vertical array, plus with the added bass power of two B1 Bass Modules. Bose says that this 250-watt system is perfect for audiences of up-to 300 people, so if you’re looking for a small setup with some extra thump, this lightweight brute will deliver for open-mics, worship, announcements and more!View Deal

Bose L1 Model II with B2 bass module | Was $2,699, now $2,428
Need more power, but don’t want to opt for a traditional system? This deal saves you $271 and gives you a combined 500 watts of power in total. The Bose L1 Model II features a whopping 24 speakers and two 10-inch woofers to keep the air moving. Also on-board is the same two-channel mixer section as found in the L1 Compact. If you need the same plug-and-play convenience, but with added beef, this system is for you. Get it now and save $271!View Deal

Bose L1 Model II, B2 bass module and T4S ToneMatch Mixer Was $3,298, now $3,027, save $227
This deal gives you the same power as above, but with the additional flexibility of the Bose T4S ToneMatch mixer. If you’re performing with other musicians and additional vocalists, the T4S not only gives you more inputs - 4 mic/line inputs, on-board DSP to make getting your sound quick and easy, plus a range of dynamic, EQ, modulation and delay/reverb effects. View Deal

Bose L1 Model II, Dual B1 bass modules, TS4 ToneMatch mixer
Was $3,397, now $3,117
Similar to the deal above, this system gives you the most power, with a dedicated bass solution and flexible input options. The L1 Model II array has the same 24-speaker layout for maximum power and spread, plus the inclusion of two B1 Bass Modules mean you’ve got a total of four drivers handling the low end. Add in the TS4 ToneMatch mixer and you’ve got a compact yet powerful PA system that will have you covered for small full-band gigs.  View Deal