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You know you want to - the top Prime Day guitar pedal and effects deals are here

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OK, so you're happy with your main guitar - for now - and that amp has earned its keep - for the time being - but what harm could it do to browse the many Prime Day guitar effects pedal deals around? 

Don't ask us, we're not your mother. 

Our job is to round up the best stompbox deals we can find, which we've done, below. 

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The top Prime Day guitar effects pedal deals

Boss ME-80 Multi-FX: Was $299, now $249.99 at Guitar Center
Versatile and extremely practical, the ME-80 may be just the thing for anyone who wants to put together a whole effects solution in one go, especially if you take this tasty price point into account.View Deal

Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal| Was $89.99, now $67.49
Use the coupon code 'rocktober' at checkout to activate a 25% discount (which equals $22.50) on this bonafide classic stompbox. Not only that, but MF is throwing in a pair of 6-inch patch cables, too.View Deal

Laney Tony Iommi Signature Boost |$189.99 Now $151.99
Save 20% on the same boost pedal Black Sabbath legend and Laney devotee Tony Iommi uses in his own rig and it's built to his own spec. Hone your tone with drive, volume, low EQ, high EQ, hi mid, neutral low mid boost toggle switch. To get this great deal from Musician's Friend simply click on the link, add to cart and enter the coupon code rocktober at the checkout. View Deal

Black Country Customs Spiral Array Chorus | $199.99 $159.99
Save $40 off the price of the  Laney Black Country CustomsSpiral Array Chorus pedal and get three different classic and highly-collectable '70s and 80s chorus effects in one box – including the 1976 Boss CE1 and 1979 Dimension D.  Just click on the lick to Musician's Friend, add to cart and enter coupon code word rocktober at the checkout.View Deal

Black Country Customs Steelpark Boost | $169.99 $135.99
Save $34 on the Laney Black Country Customs Steelpark Boost – a versatile drive to help you push your amp into the sweet spot while cutting through when it counts. It's great for stacking with your other gain pedals too. To get this deal simply click on the link to Musician's Friend, add to cart and enter the code rocktober at the checkout.View Deal

Black Country Customs Secret Path Reverb $199.99 $159.99
$40 off this boutique Laney reverb pedal with lush spring and reverb sounds based on the classic vintage and studio sounds of the past with contemporary reliability. The third reverb type is The Secret Path – "a deep, dark, mesmerising ambience with a sublime, brooding, dynamically evolving shimmer." Click on the link, add to cart and enter the code rocktober at the checkout to get this deal.  View Deal

Black Country Customs Monolith Distortion $169.99 $135.99
Save $34 on the versatile Monolith from Laney that's designed to give the player control over a spectrum of different gains and harmonic distortions from classic fat rock tones to jangly indie lines, and everything in between. To get this 20% discount off the usual price, simply click on the link to Musician's Friend, add to cart and enter the code rocktober at the checkout.View Deal

MXR M66S Classic Overdrive| Was $59.99, now just $39.99
A quality MXR Overdrive at an incredible price – a 1/3 off the MXR M66S offering transparent gain and superb build quality for an incredible low price. View Deal

MXR M86 Classic Distortion | Was $59.99, now just $39.99
An already incredible value distortion pedal just became even more of a bargain with $20 off the price at Guitar Center. View Deal

Pigtronix's Infinity Looper 2: now $170
Get 15% off of this versatile looper at Musician's Friend. It's a stonking stereo looping pedal with two independent loops that you can intuitively switch between.View Deal

Ernie Ball Ambient Delay | Was $229 now $74.99
The Ernie Ball Ambient Delay offers handsfree control over your effect levels. With a plate reverb and delay time of up to one second, you can dial-in the perfect amount of ambience for your sound. Other features include independent max reverb level and connection for a tap-tempo switch. Get it for $225 off the MSRP at Sweetwater now!View Deal

Ernie Ball Expression Overdrive | Was $299, now $74.99
The Ernie Ball Expression Overdrive allows you to fine-tune your gain settings without having to take your hands off the guitar. Whether you're looking for perfectly dialled-in tones or fast, expressive bursts of gain, you can use overdrive as you never have before with this innovative overdrive.View Deal

Save 20% on the Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah
A rare discount on the best switchless wah available right now, reduced from $145 to $116at Musician's Friend by entering the coupon code rocktober at the checkout.View Deal

Boss TU-3 Pedal Power Bundle | Was $149.99 Now $99.99
Boss created an industry standard with the TU-2 pedal tuner in 1998, and its successor offers a number of improvements on the classic format. The TU-3 is quoted at +/-1 cent over a 23-segment LED display, which means it tunes more accurately. Other functions include drop tuning up to six semitones and bass tuning up to three flats. With the included Boss power adaptor and daisy-chain cable, it's an unmissable deal as a pedalboard solution too. View Deal

Peterson StroboStomp HD Tuner Pedal | now $111.20
Save 20% on one of the best looking and featured guitar tuner pedals available right now. Peterson tuners are famed for their accuracy and the micro-adjusted reference pitch point 'sweetened tunings' here offer unrivalled choice for a variety of stringed instrument players. Enter the Musician's Friend coupon code rocktober to save 20% off the usual $139 at checkout.View Deal

iRig Stomp I/O - was $299.99, now $249.99
Coupled with your iOS device, the iRig Stomp I/O becomes a handy self-contained package for practice with headphones - but also provides the practical means to use AmpliTube on stage with the minimum of fuss for anyone who chooses that route.View Deal

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