The greatest Prime Day plugin deal? 50% off everything at Waves

(Image credit: Waves)

When it comes to Prime Day music deals (opens in new tab) across a top brand's entire catalogue of products, this Waves offer is a very special one indeed.

The plugin titan has just launched a new 50% off plugins sale. 

All you need to do is head to the Waves sale page (opens in new tab) and load up your basket with top plugins like the Abbey Road Studio 3 (opens in new tab), OVox vocal resynthesizer (opens in new tab) or the company's best-selling Waves Gold package (opens in new tab). Then add the code HALF at checkout and you'll see the discounts applied.

Save 50% on Waves plugins, get up to three plugins for FREE! (opens in new tab)

Save 50% on Waves plugins, get up to three plugins for FREE! (opens in new tab)
Use the coupon code HALF when you checkout to get your 50% discount on plugins and bundles. Spend $50 or more and you'll receive an email after checkout to select your FREE plugin (any plugin with a “with coupon” price of up to $29.99). Spend over $90 and you can make that two, or over $120 for THREE FREE PLUGINS! 

But there's more! If you’ve made a purchase of $50 or more worth of Waves plugins on the site, you’ll receive an email after checkout enabling you to select an additional plugin for free, up to a “with coupon” price of $29.99. Spend over $90 and you'll have your pick of two free plugins, or over $120 for three free plugins! 

With the wealth of great plugins Waves offers, it shouldn't be a challenge to find plugins totalling above $50 that you'll want to buy. 

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