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Save up to 93% on guitar, drum and recording courses in the Udemy Flash Sale – start learning from just £12.99

Sign up for epic guitar, drum and recording courses from just £12.99 in the Udemy Flash Sale
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If you were one of the thousands of people who used lockdown to take up a new instrument, by now you're probably looking for ways to keep improving and developing your newfound skills.

Whether you're the proud owner of a brand new beginner acoustic guitar, a box fresh electronic drum set, or you've being getting to grips with home recording, right now Udemy's Flash Sale is the ideal way to give your skills a boost.

Online lessons experts Udemy is curretly offering big discounts off its wide range of music courses, covering everything from drums and guitar, to recording and vocals. Prices start from as little as £12.99 for hours of excellent, expert video tuition. Some of these courses would usually cost you£199.99, so now is a good time to strike if you’ve been thinking about it. 

What’s even better is that, once you’ve signed up for your chosen course, you'll have lifetime access to the content. The flash sale is on for today only and we've selected some of our musical highlights below.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is an online tuition platform which offers over 100,000 courses, led by expert tutors, on almost any subject imaginable. Have you always wanted to learn how to mic up a drum kit? The Drum Mic Technique course is for you. Want to use your free time to record some epic vocals? This How To Record Vocals At Home course will show you how.

Recording lessons

Udemy recording course highlights

Was £99.99, now £12.99, 87% off

Your First Home Recording Studio – Audio Engineering Basics
Was £99.99, now £12.99, 87% off
Choose the right equipment
– Understand how microphones and other equipment works
– Recognize different audio equipment
– Apply fundamental techniques and tricks of sound recording

Was £199.99, now £14.99, 92% off

Recording Your Own Music: A Step-By-Step Guide for Musicians Was £199.99, now £14.99, 92% off
– Set up an audio interface to work seamlessly with your computer
– Record acoustic and electric instruments
– Fix timing and tuning issues and edit out unwanted sections
– Create a release-ready final mix using compression, EQ, reverb
– Export your final mix into your preferred digital format

Was £29.99, now £12.99, 57% off

Home Recording: Budget Audio Recording on a Laptop
Was £29.99, now £12.99, 57% off
– Set up, configure, and record using your laptop computer.
– Make good (smart) gear purchases.
– Place microphones correctly for optimal quality

Guitar lessons

Udemy guitar course highlights

Was £199.99, now £13.99, 93% off

Complete guitar system: beginner to advanced
Was £199.99, now £13.99, 93% off
– New to guitar? This will be the only course you will ever need
– Have you playing the guitar in the shortest amount of time
– Play songs and master chords, scales and guitar theory
– Sharpen your chord transitioning, strumming, fretting and picking

Was £199.99, now £15.99, 92% off

Learn Guitar: Zero to Guitar Fingerpicking in 30 days
Was £199.99, now £15.99, 92% off
Play the most common guitar chords in a fingerpicking style
– Play a bassline with your thumb at the same time as playing a melody with your fingers
– Read tablature and play along to a metronome
– Have a formula for composing
– Play in alternate bass, travis picking and clawhammer styles

Was £199.99, now £13.99, 93% off

The professional guitar masterclass
Was £199.99, now £13.99, 93% off
– Develop your own unique voice on the guitar
– Understand and APPLY music theory
– Play any chord anywhere on the neck
– Immediately know what scales to play
– Understand the CAGED System

Drum lessons

Udemy drum course highlights

Was £89.99, now £12.99, 86% off

Learn to play the drums
Was £89.99, now £12.99, 86% off
– Learn different rhythms
– Learn to play rudiments
– Learn to play rock grooves
– Learn different styles of drumming
– Learn drum music theory and drum notation

Was £29.99, now £12.99, 57% off

Learn How To Play The Drum Set: Masterful Drumming V1
Was £29.99, now £12.99, 57% off
Improve your self confidence and expression
– Develop sight reading skills
– Improve independence and co-ordination

Was £24.99, now £12.99, 48% off

Learn to play the drums without a drum kit
Was £24.99, now £12.99, 48% off
– Understand coordination, rhythm and timing
– Play rudiments to build hand coordination
– Play a rock groove
– Read drum music and understand how it works
– Play complex hand and foot patterns

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