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Save $100 off the Ludwig Backbeat kit with this epic Black Friday beginner drum set deal

Save $100 off the Ludwig Backbeat kit with this epic Black Friday beginner drum set deal
(Image credit: Ludwig)

With the Black Friday music deals in full-swing, there's no better time of year to buy a new instrument. Perhaps you're a beginner drummer looking for a great deal on a kit as you start your drumming journey. Thankfully, there are plenty of great Black Friday drum deals around, like the $100 saving on the Ludwig Backbeat kit at Guitar Center.

This all-in-one solution will get you started straight out of the box with a five-piece Ludwig Backbeat drum kit: that's a snare drum, two rack toms, a floor tom and a kick drum, plus hardware, cymbals and even drumsticks. It's available in a choice of finishes, too! 

All too often, newcomers buy a kit and then find that they also need essential accessories such as cymbals and stands, but these are included here with a pair of hi-hats and a crash/ride cymbal. It also comes with all the necessary hardware you'll need to play as soon as you set it up - stands and holders for all of the drums, plus a kick drum pedal and throne. You even get a pair of sticks!

What's more, this kit comes from Ludwig - one of the oldest and most-trusted names in drums with legends such as John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Ringo Starr and many, many more all having made their bones sat at a Ludwig kit. Here's the complete list of what comes with this great value Ludwig Backbeat set:

  • 7-ply hardwood shells
  • 16"x22" bass drum, 8"x10" & 9"x12" toms, 16"x16" floor tom and 5"x14" snare drum
  • Hi-hats and crash/ride cymbal
  • Double-braced hi-hat, cymbal and snare stands
  • Single bass drum pedal
  • Round-top throne
  • Sticks

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