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Save big on Pro Tools and more with Avid’s unmissable music tech Christmas deals

Save big on Pro Tools and more with Avid’s unmissable music tech Christmas deals
(Image credit: Avid)

Avid has been moving in on musical world domination for a while now. Industry standards like Pro Tools and Sibelius have been part of a musician’s staple diet for as long as we can remember - and in an ever-changing musical landscape, that can only mean good things. 

If their reputation alone isn’t enough to sway you, until December 22nd Avid is knocking a generous $50/£39 off when you spend more than $250/£219 with their Holiday discount codes CHEERUS and CHEERUK

Avid sale: $50/£39 off when you spend over $250/£219
Make the holidays musical this year with big savings from Avid. Get to grips with a new DAW in Pro Tools, or start scoring your own orchestral masterpieces with Sibelius. Every last thing in the Avid store is eligible for this offer, as long as your basket total hits that magic $250/£219. Use the code CHEERUS if you’re in the States, or CHEERUK if you’re in the UK. These codes are valid until Dec 22nd, so don’t hang around! View Deal

Amongst other things, Avid has drastically improved the workflow of Pro Tools in recent updates, which has seen more and more people gravitate towards using Pro Tools as their DAW of choice and to get down their ideas. You can even start with a free version if you’re not quite sure - but with such great discounts it could be worth saving a bit extra and going for the full version right away.

Avid isn’t just known for Pro Tools, though. They offer a massive range of audio products, including live sound and studio mixers, audio interfaces and notation software. They’ve also got their very own music distribution platform - AvidPlay - to help you get your music on worldwide streaming services.