Open up a world of musical possibilities with up to 50% off EastWest virtual instruments right now at Thomann

Open up a world of musical possibilities with up to 50% off EastWest virtual instruments right now at Thomann
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It seems lately that hardly a day goes by without us uncovering a fantastic deal on plugins and music-making software - and today is no exception. The fine folks over at Thomann have just slashed the prices of an assortment of virtual instruments. For a limited time, you can bag up to 50% off a wide range of EastWest plugins, and when we say there’s something for everyone, we aren’t joking. This sale has all the bases covered, from a virtual band based on the Fab Four, a slew of orchestral sounds perfect for TV and film, to vocal samples sung by the brilliant C.C. White. 

EastWest is a titan of the industry and has been a pioneer in the digital instrument space for over 30 years, so if you are looking to give your home-produced music a much-needed facelift, these are the plugins to do it. We are in awe of what’s on offer in this sale, with a plugin for almost every situation. 

A few of our highlights include EastWest PRODrummer 2, which is guaranteed to bring your demos to life with realistic-sounding drum parts. With over 40 GB of samples from the biggest names in drums, from Ludwig, Tama, and Slingerland to Gretsch and Zildjian, there is a drum sound for every genre, and at $79, it’s a no brainer for us.

Up to 50% off EastWest plugins at Thomann

Up to 50% off EastWest plugins at Thomann
Right now, you can seriously up the number of instruments you have access to in your DAW while composing and recording with up to 50% off a massive range of EastWest virtual instrument plugins. This sale ends on 6 June, so you don’t have long to grab a bargain. 

EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Platinum is a must-have for anyone looking to produce rich and full film score style arrangements. This comprehensive orchestral library not only has all the sounds you’ll need for professional-sounding tracks, but it also allows you to choose between three microphone positions, giving you immense control over the mix. Pair this with EastWest’s famous Hollywood Choirs Diamond, and you’ll be able to create epic, sweeping arrangements worthy of the big screen. 

Wish your songs had professionally sung backing vocals? Well, Hollywood Backup Singers is most definitely the plugin for you. With 87 vocal sounds and 588 solo phrases, you’ll be able to seamlessly add the secret sauce that will help your chorus pop - and better yet, it’s down to €119 right now. 

Of course, there are many more plugins on offer, so it pays to have a look through the entire sale to see what may appeal to you. You have until 6 June to take advantage of this stellar offer, so be quick. 

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