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One mic to rule them all? The Slate Digital VMS ML-1 modelling microphone is currently $300 off at Sweetwater

One mic to rule them all? The Slate Digital VMS ML-1 modelling microphone is currently $300 off at Sweetwater
(Image credit: Slate Digital)

Black Friday might not be until Friday 27 November, but that doesn’t mean that you need to wait until the big day to snag a bargain. As we’ve seen in previous years, retailers are lifting the lid early on some phenomenal Black Friday music deals, and this year it’s earlier, bigger and better already!

If it's microphones you're after this year, Sweetwater has just knocked $300 off the Slate Digital VMS (Virtual Microphone System) ML-1 large-diaphragm condenser mic, which you can currently bag for just $499 (usually $799). If you need any convincing, this mic places highly in our guide to the best microphones you can buy today.

Slate Digital VMS ML-1 Modelling Mic | $799, now $499
With the Slate Digital ML-1 modelling microphone, you get access to a virtual mic locker of vintage microphones that would cost you tens-of-thousands, if you can even find them all! Also included are a pair of classic mic pre amp modelling plugins to complete your sound. Grab an absolute bargain at Sweetwater, now! View Deal

If you’re unfamiliar, then here’s what you need to know: Slate Digital’s groundbreaking VMS starts with its microphones. The ML-1 is a large-diaphragm mic with an ultra-linear and sonically neutral response. When paired with the included Slate Digital VMS software, the ML-1 takes on the sound and response of a virtual mic locker containing eight classic studio mics – think amp modelling, but for microphones. 

In addition to the included microphone models, there’s the included Slate Digital virtual mic preamps: FG-73 and FG-76, based on two of the most revered mic pres in history. 

But that’s not all, because Sweetwater has also cut the price of Slate Digital’s Classic Tubes 3 expansion pack by two-thirds, giving your a further 5 classic tube mic emulations for just $99 (usually $299).

It’s the best deal we’re likely to see on Slate Digital’s VMS products this year, so don’t hang around!

Slate Digital VMS Classic Tubes 3 | $299, now $99
Slate Digital's VMS Classic Tubes 3 expansion adds another five microphone emulations to your arsenal. Included are emulations of vintage tube mics, as well as tube/ribbon hybrids. It's the perfect addition to the VMS ML-1.View Deal