NAMM 2019: It looks as though Korg's new Minilogue XD synth is the best of all the ‘logues

NAMM 2019: Korg’s biggest product launch of this year’s show has to be the Minilogue XD. It’s a new beefed-up version of the Minilogue, with what seems like all the best bits from the existing pile of ‘logues.

The standout feature to be added is the digital multi-engine, no doubt borrowed from the Prologue. And just like on Korg's flagship synth, this third oscillator features Variable Phase Modulation, Noise and User options. 

Also borrowed from the Prologue is the expanded DSP section, a marked improvement on the original. Now the synth features modulation and reverb, alongside the delay.

From the Monologue, we are treated to the more simplified 16-button, 16-step sequencer, which puts shade on the previous edition’s eight-button layout.  But perhaps the best bit is the inclusion of microtuning - you will all remember the Monologue’s USP, featuring the work of Aphex Twin, of course.

From the original, the XD retains the same chassis, albeit in a black livery, with 3/4-sized keys and a similar overall layout. However, the eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that the diagonal slider has been replaced by a joystick. Aside from controlling pitchbend and modulation depth, etc, a desired parameter can also be assigned to the up/down axis.

The new model also retains the four-parameter Motion Sequencer, but the four parameter lanes are now displayed on a new, slightly larger OLED display. Although the screen isn’t much bigger than on the original, every little helps, and from our scant amount of time with the XD so far, it seems like a big improvement.

Looking around the back of the unit. stereo outputs have been added, alongside a damper pedal connection, which was one of the most asked for features from users. And to top it off, we’re also treated to an additional two CV inputs.

There’s currently no word on when the Minilogue will be available to buy and how much it will cost, but we hope to bring you that news as soon as it lands.

For more information, check out the Korg website and be sure to stay tuned for our first-look video, which is coming soon...


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