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IK Multimedia’s Total Studio Max 3 bundle gives you all the software you need to produce music (apart from a DAW)

IK Multimedia has updated its Total Studio Max bundle - a greatest hits music software suite that promises to cover you at every stage of the music production process - to version 3. This comes with more than 440GB of sounds and 480 FX, so it’s certainly on the chunky side.

Digging down a little, there are now 14,600 instruments. Total Studio Max 3 includes not only IK’s latest releases - SampleTank 4 MAX, Hammond B-3X, and Modo Drum - but also older favourites such as Syntronik Deluxe, Modo Bass and Miroslav Philharmonik 2.

On the effects side, meanwhile, you now get the recently-released AmpliTube 5 Max, as well as T-RackS 5 Max, MixBox, ARC 3 and Lurssen Mastering Console.

The bundle comes loaded with presets, so getting started shouldn’t be a problem, and you can manage your installations via the IK Product Manager. If you’re on a smaller budget, there’s also Total Studio 3 SE, which contains 21 plugins that provide 3,936 instruments and sounds plus 161 effects.

Total Studio 3 Max is available now priced at $900/€900 as a digital download or $950/€950 on a USB drive. There are crossgrade and ‘maxgrade’ offers for existing IK Multimedia product owners, too, plus a very enticing-looking bundle that includes both Total Studio 3 Max and a set of iLoud MTM studio monitors. At $1000/€1000, this sounds like a bit of a bargain to us.

Find out more on the IK Multimedia website.

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