IK Multimedia’s ARC System 3 gives you an “all-new listening experience”

Previous versions of IK’s ARC System promised a way to improve the sound of your studio environment. Since day one, the package has included a calibrated mic, measurement software and a plugin. 

After following the instructions using the mic and the software, the ARC System would be able to create a frequency profile to compensate for your room’s response, applied using the included plugin on your DAW’s master buss.

While version 2.0 brought a number of new monitoring simulations to the table, version 2.5 of ARC saw an updated microphone and some software tweaks, and the release of version 3 sees numerous performance and ease-of-use updates to the software.

(Image credit: IK Multimedia)

A new analysis and correction algorithm with ARC measures your room’s response at three heights. IK say that “the result is an incredibly natural-sounding correction that recreates the experience of working in a properly tuned room.”

ARC System also lets you fine-tune room corrections by defining upper and lower limits, offers measurement saving for different monitors and listening positions, and gives flexibility in terms of mic placements while calibrating.

The ARC System package costs €240 for the software only, or €300 for the full package including the calibrated mic. Different prices are available for certain existing IK Multimedia customers. You can find out more at the IK Multimedia website.