MusicRadar's 30-day guitar challenge will make you a better guitarist

Do you have what it takes?
Do you have what it takes?

We'd all like to be better at playing guitar, but sometimes, it can be hard to find the resources, not to mention the motivation.

So, we thought we'd step in and help with our complete guide to everything from blues progressions to sweep picking and beyond.

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If you have what it takes to complete our 30-day challenge, you'll learn new chords, theory and techniques every day, all of which will make you a better guitarist than ever before!

Join the event on the 30-day challenge Facebook page today and check our event updates for your daily challenge - and be sure to tweet us with your progress using the hashtag #30dayguitarchallenge.

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30-day guitar challenge so far

Day 1: Learn to play 3 simple blues turnarounds

Day 2: Using chords with open strings

Day 3: Get your head around altered tunings

Day 4: Utilise Marty Friedman's 'Spider' powerchord fingering

Day 5: Play rhythm across the fretboard

Day 6: Reimagine open campfire chords

Day 7: Play lead across the fretboard

Day 8: Improve your four-finger dexterity

Day 9: Build your stamina and strength

Day 10: Use Paul Gilbert's 4th-less blues scale

Day 11: How to bend in tune every time

Day 12: Six signature vibratos to master

Day 13: Learn suspended chords

Day 14: Learn three-note-per-string shapes

Day 15: Understanding chord names

Day 16: Use Alex Skolnick's 'sequenced' major scale

Day 17: Get more out of the minor pentatonic scale

Day 18: Improve your improvs

Day 19: 9 tips for perfect practice routines

Day 20: Master chords with wide voicings

Day 21: Improve your legato soloing

Day 22: Nail pentatonic scale runs

Day 23: Get to grips with chicken picking

Day 24: An alternate picking masterclass

Day 25: Make use of chord tones

Day 26: Sweep picking masterclass

Day 27: John 5 guest lesson

Day 28: Pinched harmonics masterclass

Day 29: Tapping masterclass

Day 30: Bumblefoot guitar lesson: thimble-tapping, scales and harmonics


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