30-day guitar challenge, day 17: Get more out of the minor pentatonic scale

(Image credit: Jeff Gerew/Corbis)

30-day guitar challenge: Many guitarists opt for the minor pentatonic scale for solos. This isn't a bad thing; the minor pentatonic is a versatile scale and many guitarists use it almost exclusively (Eric Clapton, Slash, Angus Young).

Joe Bonamassa is a pentatonic master, but, more importantly, Joe uses the scale as a framework that he can build upon, adding in unrelated notes that sound great.

The benefit is you have to remember only the odd new colourful note rather than learning a bunch of new scales.

Play through the minor pentatonic scale and try improvising with just one of the extra notes highlighted in green.

Minor pentatonic with 2nd

Minor pentatonic with 2nd

Minor pentatonic with 6th

Minor pentatonic with 6th
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