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30-day guitar challenge, day 16: Use Alex Skolnick's 'sequenced' major scale

(Image credit: Chris Loomis/Press Line Photos/Corbis)

30-day guitar challenge: Testament axeman Alex Skolnick certainly knows a thing or two about creative soloing.

Alex's idea tabbed here is based on the C major scale; these are humble beginnings, technically speaking, but Alex shows that even a basic scale can be used creatively.

Alex skolnick's 'sequenced' major scale

Alex skolnick's 'sequenced' major scale

The idea is to take every 4th interval in the scale (eg, C-F, D-G, E-A and so on) and swap between ascending or descending the pairs of notes.

You can apply this idea to any scale you know and try other intervals, too. 3rds sound particularly good.