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Guitar skills: With so many great chord lessons being added to our ongoing guitar skills tutorial series we thought it made sense to put them all in one place. Whatever level or style of guitar player you are, you'll find inspiration to develop here. 

Unlock hundreds of new chord shapes with this barre chord workout


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Moveable shapes you can play anywhere on the neck 

15 easy blues guitar chords to learn

Joanne Shaw Taylor

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Essential shapes for every player

Guitar jam track lesson with chords: psychedelic rock

Pink Floyd

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It's time for a 'far out' jam session with this free downloadable backing track and chord lesson

Get neoclassical with your guitar by learning these six great chords

Yngwie Malmsteen

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Try out some shapes used by neoclassical virtuosos Jason Becker and Yngwie Malmsteen in our guitar lesson

Learn 6 of the most famous guitar chords in the history of rock

Jimi Hendrix

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From the Beatles to Bond and beyond

Learn 6 great 60s rock guitar chords


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Simple shapes that are highly effective

Guitar chord vocab: dissonant chords


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Add a sense of mystery and ambience to your playing

Learn 6 great guitar chords for indie rock

The Smiths

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Dial in a rich, chorus-drenched clean tone for a mix of arpeggios and strumming for indie rock jangle

How to play a guitar solo using chords


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Sharpen your three-piece solo skills

Learn 4 John Frusciante Red Hot Chili Peppers guitar chords

John Frusciante

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Blood Sugar Dmaj7 Magik

30 chords acoustic guitarists need to know

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From open chords to blues and alternate tunings – we've got you covered here

Learn 5 Nile Rodgers funk guitar chords with our rhythm lesson

Nile Rodgers

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Including tab and audio – plus learn the Get Lucky riff

Improve your guitar chord changes in three simple steps


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Lesson: chord shapes to learn with tabs and exercises

22 essential chords all guitarists need to know 

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From beginner essentials to folk and blues

Get funky with this quick guitar chord lesson

James Brown

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Six chords and the truth with tab and audio

Choose your next acoustic guitar

Best acoustic guitars

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Our pick of the best acoustic guitars for beginners and pros

Guitar lesson: learn 6 great chords for folk

Ben Howard

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Take a look at a handful of shapes that lend themselves to fingerstyle and flatpicked guitar arpeggios alike

10 great blues guitar chords to learn now

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Enhance your blues and beyond with these shapes

Learn 60 guitar chords in 20 minutes with this simple lesson


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Master barre chords and open up the fretboard

These two simple guitar chord changes will improve your muscle memory


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Start developing speed around the fretboard with an accessible lesson

Guitar lesson: learn 6 great chords for classic rock

Jimmy Page

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Learn soulful guitar chords with just a few two-note shapes

Steve Cropper

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Start playing guitar in the style of greats like Steve Cropper and Joe Messina

Bored of barre chords? Try these 5 great slash chords to learn

Keith Richards

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Partial shape chords that are great for rock

Learn to play hundreds of songs with these 5 great chord progressions all guitar players need to know

Acoustic guitar

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Blues, 50s, pop-punk, jazz and the cycle of 5ths are great for songwriting inspiration or looping your own backing tracks too

Learn four great David Gilmour signature Pink Floyd guitar chords

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Shine on you crazy Gm6

Make jamming easier with this 12-bar blues chord generator

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Learn the most common chord progression in the most important keys and you’ll always know where you are in a 12-bar blues jam

Invest in a quality tuner 

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Top clip-on tuners, tuning pedals and apps to keep you sounding great

Expand your repertoire with these unusual chords

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Step outside the confines of rock and pop with these exotic, weird and wonderful sounds

Learn the signature chords of Jimi Hendrix, Andy Summers, The Beatles, Rolling Stones and more

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Get the sounds of your favourite players with these trademark chords

Get creative with your guitar chord playing in 20 minutes

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Find new ideas for old chord shapes with our lesson

Stretch your fingers with these wide chord shapes

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We’re spacing chords across all six strings and leaving lots of space between each note, aiming for an open, airy sound

Expand your mind with these ingenious prog chords

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Stretch fingers and tonal textures with these progressive rock chords

Learn 16 of the best guitar chords for clean tones

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Make your clean sounds shimmer with these captivating chords

Our guide to the best electric guitar strings 

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These are the very best guitar strings from Ernie Ball, D’Addario, Elixir, Rotosound and more

Learn the three-chord trick that's behind thousands of songs

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Three chords and the most important chord progression in music

Guitar Skills: Get funky with these chord shapes

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Get started with the art of chord vamping 

5-minute blues guitar lesson: Learn to play diads – two-note chords

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From Jimi Hendrix to John Mayer, countless players have used diads to add chord-like tone to their solos

Learn add guitar chords

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A beginner's guide to exploring the contrasting moods of major and minor add chords

Major guitar chords 

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Welcome to the world of bright-sounding major chords; simply add a handful of new notes to create lush, spacious sounds

Learn extended minor chords

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A guide to getting more from the moodiest chords of all – they can take on a mellow character too

A beginner's guide to sus guitar chords

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Introduce an airy quality to your progressions with this special ‘neither major nor minor’ type of chord

Learn add guitar chords

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A beginner's guide to exploring the contrasting moods of major and minor add chords

Our guide to the best electric guitars to buy now 

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Find the best electric guitar for your budget and playing style, from rock and metal to blues and beyond

Use chords and arpeggios to improve your solos

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In this lesson we're covering ideas to help you play more melodic leads, drawing on classic Americana styles

Spice up your chord playing with these inventive harmonic ideas

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Integrate natural, artificial and tapped harmonics with this Yes, Rush-style lesson

5-minute blues guitar lesson: Learn to play diads – two-note chords

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From Jimi Hendrix to John Mayer, countless players have used diads to add chord-like tone to their solos

Learn to play sliding diad chords

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Take diad shapes and move them to add dynamics


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