Learn four great David Gilmour signature Pink Floyd guitar chords

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Guitar skills: Although he's perhaps best known for his tasteful lead playing, David Gilmour pioneered his fair share of inventive chords throughout his time in Pink Floyd. Here's a smattering of his finest shapes to get your fingers round…  


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Don’t just strum this one - if you do, you’ll miss out on all of its menacing power.

Pluck the notes in an arpeggio pattern, and you have that instantly recognisable hook from a very famous Pink Floyd song. Are you shining yet?


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This variation on an open Em7 shape is found in the song Dogs From Animals.

We’ve shown it in standard tuning, but on the recording, Gilmour is tuned down a whole tone, so it’s actually Dm9.


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Here’s another one that benefits from a stately arpeggio treatment. It’s the first chord from Us And Them, and for the next chord, just move the shape up two frets (leaving the open D string static). Who said prog was complicated?

Dadd9 (drop D tuning)

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You’ll need to tune your bottom E string down to D for this one; it’s the wistful first chord from Goodbye Blue Sky. Look, Mummy, there’s an aeroplane in the sky…

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