Learn 6 of the most famous guitar chords of all time

The Beatles
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Here, with no messing, we present to you half a dozen iconic chords, each of which you can master in moments. Let's crack on, then, shall we?

A Hard Day's Night – The Beatles 

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This Fadd9 was played on a 12-string, which adds a lot to the sound; the bass guitar adds a different root note, plus there’s piano and John Lennon’s acoustic guitar! Try the G7sus4 as an alternative ‘solo’ voicing.

James Bond Theme – Vic Flick 


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Fret this and let it transport you to a world of intrigue. Played by session guitarist Vic Flick, this chord must be one of the most universally recognised in the world. 

Combining a minor 3rd and a major 7th gives it its contradictory sounding name. 

The Jimi Hendrix chord


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Combining G and G# within the same chord was always going to be interesting – and though this had been heard in jazz standards decades before, it must have been mind blowing to hear it played on a Strat through a Marshall in 1967…

Hemispheres – Rush 


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One hit of this chord with some light distortion and chorus and you’ll instantly be in the sonic territory of Rush’s Alex Lifeson. Alternatively, play it around the 5th and 7th frets for a Jerry Cantrell vibe.

Wonderwall – Oasis 


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Though forever associated with Oasis (when capo’d at the 2nd fret) this is a staple Em7 chord shape used by acts as diverse as Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd and Smashing Pumpkins. A great chord in any key.

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