Learn the signature chords of Jimi Hendrix, Andy Summers, The Beatles, Rolling Stones and more

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Guitar skills: Get the sounds of your favourite players with these trademark chords...

Audio examples

1. The ‘Wonderwall’ chord

Noel Gallagher’s Em7 chord kicks off Wonderwall. The first second string notes are held down throughout the progression.

2. The Hendrix chord

Jimi Hendrix used his signature 7#9 shape all the time, perhaps most notably in Purple Haze.

3. The James Bond chord

Vic Flick’s classic James Bond theme tune ends on this cool minor/major 9th chord.

4. Andy Summers’ Add9 chord

This is Andy Summers’ fearsome stretch chord from Message In A Bottle. If you don’t play the third string it’s technically an Asus2.

5. The ‘Hard Day’s Night’ chord

George Harrison played Fadd9 on a Rickenbacker 12-string electric guitar over a D bass guitar note and a Gsus4 on the piano to open A Hard Day’s Night. John Lennon played the same shape on Gibson J-160 acoustic guitar.

6. The Satch chord

Joe Satriani is famed for his extensive use of the Lydian mode and #11 chords. Ditch the first string note if you find the stretch too tough.

7. Keef’s chord

Essentially two shapes, Keith Richards’ signature move can be heard in Start Me Up and Brown Sugar. Use a first finger barre for the first chord, then fret the second and third finger notes for the second shape. Tune to open G (DGDGBD) for the full experience.

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