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Get neoclassical with your guitar by learning these six great chords

Yngwie Malmsteen
(Image credit: Paul Natkin/Getty Images)
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Guitar skills: These chords include the C and Cm from the demo piece, but go on to suggest a dramatic neo-classical style chord progression when used together. 

Why not apply the approach used in the tab to the other shapes? Note that you will need to use the fifth string as your starting point on most of these chords.

(Image credit: Future)

(Image credit: Future)

Try out your chords with this track

Rather than playing full chords, the arpeggios in our riff spell the notes out one a note at a time. The ‘parallel’ major to minor change (C major to C minor) is as neat way to generate a key change or to play a cool vamp over a static C bassline. It was also one of the Beatles’ harmonic tricks – so it’s a broader idea than the classical header suggests.

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(Image credit: Future)

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