Check out the Drum Expo 2013 exhibitors

You can't have failed to notice the copious amounts of drum porn that we have been plying you with during Drum Expo 2013. We've got gorgeous gear from a host of top brands, and just in case you have somehow missed it, here's a look at some of our Drum Expo gear highlights.

Dream Cymbals

China-based cymbalsmiths Dream have given us an inside look at their beautiful Dark Matter series over at their booth. Dream endorsee Ed Freitas puts the range through its paces in this video. We also have full details of Dream's innovative cymbal recycling scheme.

Check out Dream Dark Matter Cymbals

Liberty Drums

We get a glimpse into the history and manufacturing process of this flourishing UK brand thanks to a fascinating interview with founder Andrew Street as we're welcomed into his workshop.

Visit the Liberty Drums booth


Adding electronics to your acoustic kits to create a hybrid set up is all the rage. Here, Reverend and the Makers drummer Ryan Jenkinson shows you how to create a hybrid kit, and just what you can achieve with one.

How to create a hybrid drum kit with Roland


Natal continues to push the boundaries of drum manufacturing and is coming up with some intriguing concepts. As part of the Drum Expo Natal's education specialist Paul Hose demonstrates one such innovation - the Tri-Throw snare mechanism.

Visit the Natal booth


Cymbal giant Sabian is giving video demonstrations of all manner of new metals from its updated Xs line at their Expo booth, including the ping-tastic 21" Xs20 Medium Ride.

Visit the Sabian booth


The Drum Expo sees Gretsch showing off its Taylor Hawkins snare as well as a pair of kits - the Renown and the Brooklyn. The latter is showcased with an incredible piece of double drumming from the ridiculously-talented Ze Luis Nacimento and Nicolas Viccaro.

Check out the Gretsch Brooklyn Series


Brit born and bread drum builders Guru continue their ascent with the stunning Origin range. As part of the Drum Expo we were able to grab some exclusive video content of Brit star in the making Jake Brown behind a padauk Origin Performance kit.

Check out the Guru Origin Performance range


The new DTX502 is yet another leap forward for Yamaha, and here you can see why. Improved sound quality, enhanced playability and even more features than ever before - what's not to like?

Check out the Yamaha DTX502 series

Gon Bops

We've also got plenty of percussion, as seen by Gon Bops presence. Our pick of the wares from the Gon Bops stable has to be the Alex Acuna Special Edition Cajon, which (as the name suggests) was designed in conjunction with the great man himself.

Check out the Gon Bops Acuna Special Edition Cajon


The UK's oldest surviving drum manufacturer has enjoyed a huge resurgence in recent years, and if the gear on show here is anything to go by, the rise is far from over. We've got the skinny on Premier's Series Elite and Genista kits, and they're both beauties.

Visit the Premier booth


Hardware heroes in their own right, the Drum Expo sees Gibraltar unleash its frankly gorgeous G Class bass pedal. Head over to their booth to see You Me At Six's Dan Flint putting it to work.

Check out the Gibraltar G Class pedal

EcHo Custom Drums

Father and son team Dave Quinn sr and Dave Quinn jr have impressed Rhythm with their aluminium kits in the last few years. Head to their booth and you'll see that they've also impressed session/theatre ace Elliott Henshaw and Elbow tub thumper Richard Jupp. They must be pretty darn special.

Visit the EcHo Custom Drums booth

All you have to do to enjoy all this and more is head over to the Drum Expo and click on the company names under the Exhibitors header.