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Black Friday deal: Channel your inner John Bonham with $200 off this epic Ludwig Centennial Zep drum set

Ludwig Centennial Zep kit
(Image credit: Ludwig)

When is too soon for a wallet-bothering early Black Friday drum deal? Never, that’s when! Thankfully for us, the early-Guitar Center Black Friday deals are already rolling out across the store, and this $200 saving on this awesome-looking Ludwig Centennial Zep four-piece drum set has certainly caught our eye.

Designed to commemorate Ludwig’s 100th Anniversary in 2009, the Centennial remains in the catalog today, delivering a drool-worthy slice of John Bonham-style beef that not only looks the part, but sounds great too.

Ludwig Centennial Zep 4-piece drum set: $1,299

Ludwig Centennial Zep 4-piece drum set: $1,299, now $1,099
This Bonham-style configuration in massive 26/14/16/18 sizes is the perfect vehicle for any Bonzo-loving drummer to ride on. The all-maple, eight-ply/6mm construction is met by three sparkle, and one natural finishes that deliver the spirit of Bonham's setup in an affordable package. Go for Green sparkle if its authenticity you're after, or save yourself an extra 100 bucks by opting for the natural version. 

It’s a four-piece shell pack (so you don’t get a snare, or the hardware/cymbals pictured), but it’s offered in the iconic one-up-two-down, 26/14/16/18 configuration with two floor toms. Build-wise, these shells are 100 percent maple, featuring eight plies, adding up to a relatively thin 6mm thickness for each shell. The size and wood choice make this the ideal drum set for anyone wanting to channel the spirit of huge, vintage, classic rock drums.

Guitar Center’s deal has the kit in four finishes: Blue Sparkle, Silver Sparkle, Green Sparkle (surely the Zep-head’s choice) and Natural. The regular price is $1,299 for the sparkle finishes, but GC has rolled them back to $1,099. If you’re partial to natural finishes, then you can bag this kit for $999 (normally $1,199).