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Sweetwater Black Friday deals 2019: how to get the best prices on guitars, drums, keyboards and more

Sweetwater Black Friday deals 2019
(Image credit: Sweetwater)

Black Friday 2019 is getting ever closer, which means a big opportunity to get a great deal on a new piece of music-making gear. One retailer that offers a massive range of products is Sweetwater, and it's sure to go big with the Black Friday deals.

Whether you want a new guitar, bass, electronic drum set, MIDI keyboard or audio interface, Sweetwater will almost certainly have a deal that's in your wheelhouse, and MusicRadar will be bringing you the very best of them. Bookmark this page now to ensure that you don't miss out on a Sweetwater Black Friday bargain.

When is the Sweetwater Black Friday sale?

Although Black Friday isn't until 29 November, the best Sweetwater deals are likely to kick off well before that. What's more, there should be plenty of bargains to be had right through to Cyber Monday on 2 December, and possibly even beyond that.

One of the great things about Sweetwater is that it sells pretty much everything that a musician could want, so it's a great place to go if you want to give your studio an overhaul. You might head to the website planning to buy a guitar, but the company also sells all the tech products you could ever need: MIDI keyboards, studio monitors and more.

Don't forget those little things, too: guitar strings, tuners, picks and straps, for example. The bottom line is that, if you can make music with it, there's a pretty good chance that Sweetwater sells it.

What Sweetwater Black Friday deals can I expect?

Because of Sweetwater's massive range of products, you should be spoilt for choice when Black Friday rolls around - certainly if last year's deals are anything to go by.

Punters had the chance to save a whopping $150 on PRS’s SE Standard 24 Multi-Foil electric guitar, and if you bought a Positive Grid BIAS Head, you got a $299 Twin Pedal for free. 

On the guitar effects side, there was $170 off Korg’s SDD-3000 programmable digital delay pedal - a healthy saving in anyone's book - while synth fans were able to score $100 off Roland's Boutique SE-02 analog synth.

Drummers weren't left out in the cold either, with Roland's TD-50KV 5-piece electronic drum set down to $7,227 at Sweetwater - a massive $701 reduction. 

We can only hope that this year's Sweetwater Black Friday deals will be as good, but there's every chance that they will be.

How can I prepare for Black Friday?

The golden rule on when hunting for Black Friday music deals is to know what you're looking for. Whether you're a guitarist, bassist, drummer, producer or DJ, think about what you need to improve your music-making life and then start researching it. This will save you a lot of time when the Sweetwater Black Friday deals start rolling in, as you'll quickly be able to decide what's relevant to you and what isn't.

Also make sure you're aware of current prices - that way you'll know how good a deal something really is when you see it reduced on Black Friday. Some supposed 'savings' aren't everything that they seem.

The good news is that you can easily find out what the best music-making products are by checking out MusicRadar's portfolio of buying guides.

Last year’s Sweetwater Black Friday highlights

A dazzling $150 off PRS’s SE Standard 24 Multi-Foil
The SE Standard 24 Multi-Foil is one of the more arresting offerings in the PRS catalogue, and it was yours for a much-reduced price in 2018.

Buy a Positive Grid BIAS Head and get a $299 Twin Pedal free
Positive Grid’s BIAS Head is one of the most cunning amp modellers available, and you got an extra treat when you bought one last holiday season.

An incredible $351 on the PRS SE Angelus A270E & A265E
PRS launched its SE acoustic guitar range to great fanfare, and there were impressive savings to be had on the Angelus A270E and A265E.

$170 off Korg’s SDD-3000 programmable digital delay pedal
Korg’s SDD-3000 captures the sounds of U2’s the Edge in a programmable pedal, and you could have saved big on this versatile digital delay.

$100 off Roland's Boutique SE-02 analog synth
Roland's Boutique SE-02 is a lot of synth for $500, but at $399 it was an absolute steal.

Denon DJ SC5000M Prime media player $400 off
Sweetwater shaved an impressive $400 off Denon DJ’s Prime media player, the SC5000M.

$701 saving on the Roland TD-50KV - down to $7227
There were plenty of bargains to be had at the top end of the e-drums market, and this was one of the best savings out there.