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The best Father’s Day gifts for musicians 2021: our pick of 25 ace gifts for your music-loving dad

The best Father’s Day gifts for musicians 2021: our pick of 25 ace gifts for your music-loving dad
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ATTENTION ALL CHILDREN - Father’s Day is only just around the corner. Falling on June 20th, we’re all pondering how best to show Pops that we love him without shelling out too much of our hard-earned cash. If your dad plays an instrument or makes music, finding the best Father’s Day gift for musicians can be an even tougher ask.

So what do you get the man who apparently has everything? He’d probably raise a pitiful smile over another World’s Best Dad mug and seizure-inducing pair of socks - but why get him a pile of tat when you could get him something genuinely cool or useful? MusicRadar is here to provide 25 gifts guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any music-making dad – whether he’s a drummer, a guitarist, DJ or home producer. 

Alternatively, dads, take this as your opportunity to have a look at some super cool gift ideas so you can drop a few subtle (or not so subtle) hints. We all know that saying ‘oh, just get me anything’ is buying yourself a one way ticket to Disappointmentville - population = you.

Father's Day gifts for guitarists

Best father's day gifts for musicians: Fender Fullerton Jazzmaster Ukulele

(Image credit: Fender)

1. Fender Fullerton Jazzmaster Ukulele

All that jazz!

Price: $199/£149/€199
Reasons to buy
+Easy to play+Cool colour options+It's a Jazzmaster

Whether you just want to give him a stringed instrument that is (literally) easy to pick up, or he’s an experienced player, this ukulele is a perfect choice. Styled in the mould of the effortlessly cool Jazzmaster, not only does this Fender offering deliver textbook playability, but it also looks mouth-wateringly stylish. An added bonus is that a few strums and you’re instantly transported (not literally) to a Hawaiian paradise – handy during these times of restricted travel.

Best father's day gifts for musicians: Boss Waza-Air Wireless Guitar Headphone Amp

(Image credit: Boss)

2. Boss Waza-Air headphones

The most portable amp ever?

Price: $419/£378/€425
Reasons to buy
+They look awesome+Perfect for silent practice+Loads of tones

Sacrifices may need to be made during fatherhood, one of which concerns space. When a music room is converted into a nursery, that hulking great guitar amp needs to go. But wait, there’s another way! How about if you could get real amp tones from a pair of headphones? That is exactly what these beauties from Boss deliver. An genius idea packed with cutting-edge tech.

Best father's day gifts for musicians: Korg Nu:Tekt OD-S NuTube overdrive kit

(Image credit: Future )

3. Korg Nu:Tekt OD-S NuTube overdrive kit

Build your own pedal!

Price: $249/£229/€259
Reasons to buy
+Easy to build+Lots of fun+Sounds great too

For the guitar-playing dad that loves a little DIY, the Nu:Tekt OD-S overdrive pedal is the way to go this Father’s Day. Korg will send you everything you need and then dad gets to build his very own pedal. And if dad’s not much of a DIY-er you needn’t worry, although there is some soldering required, Korg has created handy walkthrough videos on their website. Read our Korg Nu:Tekt OD-S NuTube review and see how we got on with our own attempt at the Korg Nu-Tekt build.

Best father's day gifts for musicians: G7th Capo Performance 3 18K Gold

(Image credit: G7th)

4. G7th Capo Performance 3 (18K Gold)

The ultimate cure for a pressing engagement

Price: $79/£49/€65
Reasons to buy
+It'll fit any 6 string guitar+Super solid and durable+It's gold!

All you need to know about capos is you can't play The Beatles' Here Comes The Sun the way George Harrison intended, without one. That goes for Johnny Marr stuff too. Until recently, you had to pick one of these useful gadgets to fit either an acoustic or electric guitar. The clever little G7th Performance 3 handles both. If you really want to push the boat out, this 18k plated edition is good as gold.

Best father's day gifts for musicians: Perris vegan velvet guitar strap

(Image credit: Perris)

5. Perris vegan velvet guitar strap

The best gift for guitar players who don't eat meat...

Price: $25/£23
Reasons to buy
+Really comfortable+Loads of adjustment+Cows won't silently judge you

Yeah, get them a great strap without being an accessory to animal cruelty. Don't scoff. Vegan guitar straps are every bit as good looking and strong as those formed from forcibly deceased beasts. There are a load of designs available so if anyone needs to hang a guitar inches from their crotch there's no need to be hell bent for leather.

Best father's day gifts for musicians: MXR Timmy overdrive

(Image credit: MXR)

6. MXR Timmy overdrive

Mini version of a classic overdrive pedal

Price: $129/£139
Reasons to buy
+Compact format is convenient+Versatile drive pedal+A highly regarded circuit for not a lot

Looking for a huge range of tones from an overdrive pedal but working with minimal ‘board space? Timmy’s your guy. Based on the much revered, Paul Cochrane-designed Timmy pedal, the MXR Timmy Overdrive promises ‘gritty and textured tones’ to boost your rig’s sound all within its diminutive frame.

Best father's day gifts for musicians: Marshall Monitor II A.N.C

(Image credit: Marshall)

7. Marshall Monitor II A.N.C

Next-level cans from the amp titans

Price: $319/£279
Reasons to buy
+Active noise cancelling is great+Full, rich sound+Marshall styling looks the bees 

In each ear, Marshall has provided a custom-tuned 40mm dynamic driver, enabling the Monitor II A.N.C to provide a rich soundstage with huge dynamic range. The ‘M’ button, although multi-fuction, can be used to switch between three EQ presets - so you know you’ll always find the right balance to suit whatever you’re listening to. 

With up to 30 hours play time with Bluetooth and active noise cancelling switched on, it’s likely that your father will be spending every waking hour with these on his head - and to be honest, with an iconic logo like that adorning our cans, we would too.

Father's Day music tech gifts

Best father's day gifts for musicians: Teenage Engineering PO Speak

(Image credit: Future)

1. Teenage Engineering PO Speak

Get your groove on with this inspirational vocal synth

Price: $89/£77/€99
Reasons to buy
+Super compact+Pretty novel, but loads of fun+Surprisingly powerful 

It may look like a futuristic calculator, but the PO Speak is one hell of a tool that we reckon could inspire entire tracks. Featuring 16 sounds, this vocal synth was created in conjunction with Sonic Charge’s Magnus Lidström and allows users to sample snippets of audio and process them through one of its eight voices. 

Read the full Teenage Engineering PO Speak review

Best father's day gifts for musicians: Apple iPad Air

(Image credit: Apple )

2. Apple iPad Air

One of the best gifts for musicians out there

Price: From $549/£579
Reasons to buy
+It's an iPad!+Powerful enough to deal with DAWs+Enough storage for anyone

This lightweight Apple tablet hits a real sweet spot, offering a great balance between price and performance. Plus, it doesn't matter what kind of musician you are, the iPad is a great tool for everything from writing setlists and noting down lyric ideas, to recording guitar, laying down beats and editing your next vlog. In terms of spec, the 10.9-inch Retina display features Apple’s True Tone technology and an antireflective coating, while the dramatically named A14 Bionic processor should give you plenty of grunt, whatever you're using it for.

Best father's day gifts for musicians: Audio Technica AT2020USB+

(Image credit: Audio Technica)

3. Audio Technica AT2020USB+

The go-to entry-level recording microphone

Price: $149/£123/€138
Reasons to buy
+Easy and simple to use+Looks sleek+Great value for money

Since it’s launch in 2006, the Audio Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Microphone has become a firm fixture in home studios all over the world. At a time when home recording has been booming, few others have been able to rival its balance of sound, rock-solid construction and low price point. The latest model - AT2020USB+ - is a great option for quick and easy digital recording.

Best father's day gifts for musicians: Behringer BH 770

(Image credit: Behringer)

4. Behringer BH 770 headphones

Old meets new in these stunning headphones

Price: $35/£35€37
Reasons to buy
+Fantastic value+They look awesome+Great sound quality

A classy blend of modern technology with vintage aesthetics, Behringer’s BH 770 studio headphones are a cracking choice for those music-makers after a pair of cans that sound great, look cool and don’t cost the earth. With styling that harks back to the acclaimed Beyerdynamic DT 770 headphones, 53mm dynamic drivers and a sub-$/£40 price tag, we’d say the BH 770s tick all the boxes.

5. Masterclass subscription

Take lessons with Timbaland, Armin Van Buren, Hans Zimmer, Deadmaus and more

Reasons to buy
+Learn from the masters+Loads of different courses available+Not too expensive considering

What better present for a bedroom producer than the gift of wisdom? A Masterclass subscription opens up a world of educational opportunities from the finest music-makers on the planet, centred around great quality video tutorials. Fancy some tips from Timbaland on production? You’ve got it. Want to mine Armin Van Buuren’s brain on how to create dance music? No problem. Want DeadMau5 to teach you all he knows about electronic music? That’s another big tick. Grab a subscription and immerse yourself in knowledge.

Best father's day gifts for musicians: Akai MPK Mini Mk2 MIDI keyboard

(Image credit: Akai)

6. Akai MPK Mini Mk2 MIDI keyboard

Incredible power at your fingertips

Price: $119/£79/€99
Reasons to buy
+Super portable and compact+Velocity sensitivity is a bonus+Loads of onboard sounds

For the music-making dad who wants the power to create while on the go! This 25 velocity-sensitive key USB MIDI keyboard packs a whole load of features into a tiny (18x31x4cm) body. This portable ‘board features a four-way thumbstick, backlit MPC pads and 1,400 onboard sounds, all while weighing in at less than 1kg.

Best father's day gifts for musicians: Audient iD4 MKII

(Image credit: Audient )

7. Audient iD4 MKII

High end audio quality for less than you’d expect

Price: $199/$139/€139
Reasons to buy
+Great value for money+Looks very cool+Solid and durable 

Built into a super tough metal casing, the iD4 MKII makes a fantastic compact travel companion, among other things. Its sleek, timeless design means it looks good on any desk. Exceptionally clean and clear LED visuals provide vital visual feedback, while also looking the part.

The Audient iD4 MKII is one of the most simple, easy to use two-input audio interfaces on the market today. With the focus on fuss-free usability, it's a great option for the father that seemingly has everything.

Best father's day gifts for musicians: Samsung T5 Portable SSD

(Image credit: Samsung)

8. Samsung portable SSD T5

Keep your files safe and sound

Price: from $109/£89
Reasons to buy
+Loads of storage available+Well priced+Compact

A father’s day gift for the dad who has his music files and tracks spewed across a plethora of hard drives, desktops and laptops. Get them all stored safe and sound with the Samsung SSD T5. Available in capacity ranging from 250GB to a monster 2TB, these tidy drives will not only protect those vital files, but the slender frame means it’ll slip neatly into your laptop bag.

Best father's day gifts for musicians: Blue Yeti USB microphone

(Image credit: Blue Yeti)

9. Blue Microphones Yeti

A great first podcasting microphone

Price: $129/£119
Reasons to buy
+Very versatile+Great value for money+Easy to use

Fancy helping dad embrace his inner performer? The Yeti from Blue Microphones could help him become the next podcasting sensation. This immensely-popular USB condenser microphone features tri-capsule technology to ensure a pristine recording. That means listeners will pick up every word of dad’s wisdom and, unfortunately, his jokes. They also pack four pattern settings meaning they can also be used as a vocal mic. Not convinced? Check out our guide to the best podcasting microphones

Father's Day gifts for drummers

Best father's day gifts for musicians: Big Fat Snare Drum Green Monster

(Image credit: Big Fat Snare Drum)

1. Big Fat Snare Drum Green Monster

Get closer to the bombastic John Bonham sound

Price: $21/£28
Reasons to buy
+Changes your drum sound instantly+Don't have to faff with tuning+Don't need to bring two snares to every gig

Drummers are always in search of that elusive perfect snare drum sound. Previously, that would mean the time-consuming chore of experimenting with tunings or the expensive route of amassing a snare collection. Instead, whack the Big Fat Snare Drum Green Monster on your drum and viola – you can instantly channel your inner Bonham with a fat, ‘70s snare sound.

Best father's day gifts for musicians: Zildjian Professional In-Ear Monitors

(Image credit: Zildjian)

2. Zildjian Professional In-Ear Monitors

Never miss a note on stage with these in-ears

Price: $149/£132/€149
Reasons to buy
+Great for hearing protection+Good sound quality+Super comfortable

In recent years, in-ear monitors have become less of a luxury and very much an essential for any drummer stepping onto the stage. Options like these Zildjians offer the blend of ergonomic design, killer sound filtering and a reasonable price tag that will appeal to pro and pub players alike.

Best father's day gifts for musicians: Roland TM-1 trigger module

(Image credit: Roland)

3. Roland TM-1 trigger module

A great entry point to the world of hybrid drumming

Price: $184/£139/€155
Reasons to buy
+Simple to set up and use+Doesn't take up loads of space+Cheaper than you'd expect

The explosion of hybrid drumming shows no sign of slowing and Roland’s TM-1 could be the ideal gift for a drumming dad looking to add some electronics to his acoustic drum kit. This handy little trigger module allows players to introduce all manner of new sounds to their set-up, simply by connecting a trigger pad or by mounting a trigger to a drum.

Best father's day gifts for musicians: CruzTools Drum Multi-tool

(Image credit: Groovetech)

4. CruzTools Drum Multi-tool

Fix your kit, wherever you are

Price: $20/£16
Reasons to buy
+A true lifesaver+Not much it can't do+Perfect 'dad' gift

There’s nothing worse than setting up for a gig, discovering something is loose on your kit and realising you don’t have the right tools to fix it. With the CruzTools Drum Multi-tool you can tackle everything from rattling lugs to sluggish bass drum pedals (and even re-wire a plug) like a pro. The 14-in-1 gadget includes all the essentials you’ll need for any eventuality, including flat and crosshead screwdrivers, hex wrenches and a trusty old drum key.

Best father's day gifts for musicians: Meinl Drum Honey

(Image credit: Meinl)

5. Meinl Drum Honey

Like Moon Gel, but yellow

Price: $6.95/£8.50/€7.90
Reasons to buy
+Can make mediocre drums sound great+Good for live and studio use+Washable and reusable

Every drummer needs some of this in their stick bag. Whether you’re playing a gig or about to perform a take in the studio, a little dab of this could be the difference between a fat, controlled sound and a ringing mess. They’re washable with soap and water too, so you can re-use them time after time.

Best father's day gifts for musicians: Protection Racket Standard Stick Bag

(Image credit: Protection Racket)

6. Protection Racket Standard Stick Bag

How many sticks could a stick bag bag if a stick bag could bag sticks?

Price: $39/£20
Reasons to buy
+Keeps your sticks protected+Clips are great for mounting as a stick holder+Very durable and hard to break

Protection Racket has been providing drummers of all ages and abilities with high quality cases and bags since 1994, and in that time they’ve learned a thing or two about how to make some of the most durable and classy-looking bags money can buy. 

Any drummer will tell you that trying to keep your stick pile tidy is a difficult task, and if that drummer is your dad, why not treat him - and his sticks - to their very own bag? 

The Protection Racket Standard Stick Bag features a carry handle and detachable shoulder strap, a large outer pocket to keep drum keys, ear plugs and other necessities, and quick release clips - making mounting your stick bag to your floor tom (or any other bit of your kit) super easy. With capacity for 10 pairs of sticks, the Standard Stick Bag should do the trick for any keen drummer.

Best father's day gifts for musicians: Meinl drum rug

(Image credit: Meinl)

7. Meinl drum rug

Loads of finishes available, including zebra!

Price: $129/£72/€99
Reasons to buy
+Looks truly awesome+Loads of cool finishes to choose from+Stops that dreaded bass drum shuffle

All drummers have endured that gut-wrenching feeling as their kit shifts towards the edge of the stage during a gig. End that worry forever, and do it in style, with one of Meinl’s striking drum rugs. Available in an absolute bounty of designs, these beauties will keep your kit steady in place the whole gig through. We think the zebra print design is particularly eye catching.

Best father's day gifts for musicians: Yamaha EAD10

(Image credit: Yamaha)

8. Yamaha EAD10

Recording your kit has never been so easy

Price: $499/£469/€525
Reasons to buy
+Your dad will love you even more+Sound quality is exceptional considering+Reasonably priced for what you get

Once upon a time, recording your drums was a lengthy and expensive process that involved carting your kit to a studio. The EAD10 allows you to record your kit in seconds, just by attaching the sensor to your set-up and then playing. Sounds can be recorded to the module, a USB device, smart device or a computer. It’s a great tool for boosting your kit sound during practice, too.

Best father's day gifts for musicians: Tama Club Jam Flyer kit

(Image credit: Tama)

9. Tama Club Jam Flyer kit

A real pocket rocket

Price: $379/£329/€379
Reasons to buy
+Looks fantastic+Big sound for such a small kit+Your dad will love you forever

A compact kit that packs a mighty sound? The Tama Club Jam Flyer does just that. Featuring 14”x10” bass drum, 8”x6” tom, 10”x9” floor tom and 10”x5” snare, this Mersawa/ poplar–shelled kit packs a wealth of neat features such as a bespoke bass drum lifter and handy cymbal bracket.