Best studio desks 2024: budget-spanning options for organising your recording studio space

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In the world of music-making, your studio desk isn't just a piece of furniture - it's your creative hub. When you begin your music production journey, your ‘studio’ might consist of little more than a laptop and a pair of headphones, and buying one of the best studio desks might seem like a pretty low priority. However, as your skills improve and your demand for gear increases, your setup will inevitably outgrow your kitchen table, and then it’s time to put some thought into how best to situate it. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, finding the right studio desk can transform your entire workflow for the better. 

In this guide, we’ve rounded up a selection of desks for your consideration. From sleek and minimalist to heavy-duty workhorses, we've got options for every style and budget. So, whether you're producing, recording, mixing or just playing around, we’ll help you find the perfect desk to make your studio space sing.

This round-up of the best studio desks demonstrates how many options there are - for all budgets - to help you get your studio organised. We’ve got some useful buying advice further down the page, too, written by experts who have sat behind many a desk and know exactly what the average producer needs.

Best studio desks: Product guide

Getting the perfect studio desk for your particular space is an important step in becoming an efficient music producer. Having all your gear laid out in an ergonomic and intuitive way takes away the pressure to perform when a deadline is tight, and ensuring you're comfortable in your space - and that your gear is positioned with optimal performance in mind - is just as critical as having that fancy outboard compressor.

Thankfully there are lots of different options for studio desks, whether you're just starting out in the box or running a full-time recording studio. These are our favourite options right now.

Best studio desks: Buying advice

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Do I need a studio desk?

Right now, you may have a battered old computer workstation overflowing with gear, or you may be rocking something far more palatial. Either way, a studio desk is a crucial part of almost any recording equation, and somewhere you can neatly lay out all your equipment. 

We often underestimate how much impact the right studio desk can have: not only do they add valuable extra real estate for your stuff,  but they can also reignite your creative fire by putting all of your kit within arms reach and inspiring you to work in new ways. If your gear is always set up and ready to go, then you can create the moment an idea hits you.

How do I choose the best studio desk for me?

As a music producer, your workspace isn't just a desk - it's the centrepiece of your entire studio environment. That's why investing in a proper desk for your studio can revolutionize your workflow and boost your productivity.

One of the biggest perks of studio desks is their space-saving design. Even in cramped quarters, these desks are built to maximize efficiency, allowing you to squeeze in all your gear without sacrificing valuable studio real estate. Imagine having your keyboards, rackmounts, and essential equipment all within arm's reach, neatly organized and ready to go. This not only saves space but also eliminates the hassle of hunting down gear mid-session, keeping your creative flow uninterrupted.

But it's not just about space - think about organisation too. With a dedicated studio desk, you can (mostly) wave goodbye to clutter and chaos. Everything has its place, from your audio interface to your effects gear, making it easier than ever to stay focused on your music without getting bogged down by piles of stuff everywhere.

Customisation is important too. Studio desks offer a world of possibilities for tailoring your workspace to suit your needs. Many desks come equipped with built-in fixtures for mounting rack-mounted gear directly into the desk, giving you quick and easy access to your favourite tools and toys. 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, think about your comfort. This is key when you're spending long hours in the studio, so studio desks have to fulfil that basic requirement. Designed with ergonomics in mind, the best studio desks offer features like adjustable height, wrist supports, and cable management to keep you comfortable and focused, even during marathon sessions. After all, a tidy desk isn't just for show - it's the foundation of a clear mind and a killer creative process.

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How to get the best value from your desk

MusicRadar's got your back Our team of expert musicians and producers spends hours testing products to help you choose the best music-making gear for you. Find out more about how we test.

When exploring budget-friendly options in the realm of studio desks, entry-level models often offer compact designs with essential features. These desks, while not showcasing the finest materials or trendiest aesthetics, deliver practicality with space-saving elements. 

You can reasonably expect additions like sliding drawers for synthesizer storage or dual-layer designs creating room for MIDI pad controllers. As you ascend the price spectrum, superior construction quality becomes apparent. Higher-end studio desks boast ergonomic designs and customizable spaces, allowing seamless integration of specialized equipment directly into the unit. These pricier alternatives elevate your studio setup, offering a blend of durability, comfort, and tailored functionality.

Factoring in room to grow

When a desk is in its ‘right’ place, it won’t usually be moved, so it’s important to make sure your chosen studio desk is the right size for the space you’re going to be working in and contains everything you need. Keep in mind future expansion too - your playing may require new equipment down the line, which may, in turn, require more space. Therefore it’s advisable to buy the biggest studio desk you can afford or find space for - it's not something you want to be replacing when you buy that new synth or upgrade to a double-screen setup, for example.

How we choose the best studio desks

Here at MusicRadar, we are experts in our field, with many years of playing, creating and product testing between us. We live and breathe everything music gear related, and we draw on this knowledge and experience of using products in live, recording and rehearsal scenarios when selecting the products for our guides. 

When choosing what we believe to be the best studio desks available right now, we combine our hands-on experience with a range of products in that category, as well as user reviews and testimonies and we engage in lengthy discussions with our editorial colleagues to reach a consensus about the top products in any given category.

First and foremost, we are musicians, and we want other players to find the right product for them. So we take into careful consideration everything from budget to feature set, ease of use and durability to come up with a list of what we can safely say are the best studio desks on the market right now.

Find out more about how we test music gear and services at MusicRadar.

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