22 non-musical upgrades to boost comfort, productivity and completely transform your home studio

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Normally on MusicRadar we recommend upgrades, tools and toys that make your musical creation journey more productive. From synths to guitars, and from mixers to mics, we try to bring you as much in the way of new and interesting musical tech and equipment as we can to help inform your buying decisions and make the best music you can. It occurred to us, however, that having the perfect environment to play, perform and produce means looking beyond the instruments and equipment you’re using.

To help upgrade your home studio, we’ve compiled a list of non-musical essentials that will elevate your space above and beyond the norm, making it a place you’re happy to spend hour after hour fine-tuning a snare drum crack or tweaking a troublesome reverb tail. A space you look forward to using day after day.

Whether it’s for comfort, productivity or vibe, from mice to desks, via climiate control and smart lighting, there are plenty of ways you can add some non-musical studio upgrades into your life. Best of all, they don’t have to cost the earth, but can make a real impact on the way you work. 






Temperature control

Other upgrade options

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Alongside the products we’ve listed above, there are some other small additions you can make to your home studio that will quickly improve your quality of life. Often it’s the seemingly boring products that can have the biggest impact too. Things like cable management are sometimes overlooked, but having all your wires and cables organised and ready to swap in and out quickly can be life-changing. I’ve been using an under-desk tray for years now, which keeps a multiplug outlet - with surge protection, naturally - organised and means you’re not relying on the nearest wall socket for connectivity. Just to complete the effect, I also installed some small rubber grommets to keep the cable connectors from falling behind the desk. Simple upgrades to make life run that bit smoother. 

Elsewhere, things like artwork and decorations can help avoid a home studio feeling too much like an office. We love Displate's metal posters in particular. They require no drilling or wall damage to install, there’s a big range of designs available and they’re different from the usual framed prints.

However you choose to upgrade your home studio, you’ll find a huge number of the things that can have the biggest and most positive impact on your experience aren’t actually musical or studio specific at all. Basic items like monitors, mice, desks and chairs are the fundamental backbone of your setup, so it pays to give them the respect they deserve. Put simply, while it might not excite you like a new pedal or synth, you’ll never regret buying a comfier chair, larger screen or more elaborate under-desk cable management system.

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