Behringer suggests that it’s releasing a Pro-One synth clone

Are there any classic synths that Behringer isn’t planning on emulating at an unspecified point in the future? As well as the confirmed Behringer D (a Minimoog clone), the company has also suggested that it’ll be releasing new versions of the Oberheim OB-Xa, Roland Jupiter-8, TR-909, VP-330, SH-101 and ARP 2600, and there are probably a few others that we’ve missed out, too.  

The latest product to be teased is the Pro-One, a recreation of the Sequential Circuits synth of the same name. As usual, there’s been no official announcement - just a shot of what appears to be a prototype on Facebook - and we have no idea when/if this thing will be released or how much it will cost.

In the meantime, we also have the Neutron synth to look forward to. This is supposed to be shipping in April, but let’s just say that we’re not holding our breath...

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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