Thomann is dishing out the Easter treats this weekend with up to 30% off Harley Benton, Marshall, MXR, AKG and more

Thomann is dishing out the Easter treats this weekend with up to 30% off Harley Benton, Marshall, MXR, AKG and more
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Easter is right around the corner, so it’s time to boil some eggs, get the craft station out and pick up a new piece of music equipment, obviously. Now, while most people are preoccupied with chocolate and family traditions, musicians have noticed that the Easter weekend is quickly becoming a fantastic time to level up their electric guitar, drum kit, or recording gear. Take this mega promotion from music retail giant Thomann, for example. Right now, you can bag up to 30% off a wide range of music gear in their Easter Sale (opens in new tab)

If you’ve ever spent any time on the Thomann site, you’ll know that it’s a treasure trove of musical delights, with their very own Harley Benton guitar brand being one of the most popular among musicians looking to keep the cost to a minimum. Harley Benton allows players to grab a well made, stylish looking instrument at a fraction of the cost of the top brands - and for Easter weekend, they just got even cheaper! 

Our highlights include the Harley Benton CLD-60SCE TB (opens in new tab) acoustic guitar, which is down to only €99, the Harley Benton SC-450Plus (opens in new tab)electric guitar, which gives you that iconic Les Paul vibe for only €179 and the Harley Benton PJ-75OW (opens in new tab) bass guitar, which is a stellar deal for the bass players out there at only €169.  

Thomann Easter Weekend Sale: up to 30% off (opens in new tab)

Thomann Easter Weekend Sale: up to 30% off (opens in new tab)
If you're looking to make your Easter a musical one, then the place to go is Thomann. Right now, you can land up to 30% off everything from acoustic guitars to basses, digital pianos to synthesizers, and so much more. The promotion starts on Friday, April 15th and ends on Tuesday, April 19th.

But wait, it’s not only Harley Benton products on sale, there are plenty of well-known brands on offer, too. In the market for a new Bluetooth speaker? Well, the Marshall Stanmore BT II (opens in new tab) currently has €41 slashed off the price. Perhaps you're looking to learn the opening riff to Livin' on a Prayer? Well, in that case, you should probably take advantage of €10 off the MXR M 222 Talkbox (opens in new tab). Maybe, you just want to hear your mixes crystal clear, for that, you can’t go wrong with the AKG K701 headphones, which currently have €14 off (opens in new tab)

As well as sizeable discounts on popular products, Thomann is also running a sweepstake competition over on their social media sites, where you could bag yourself a €100 voucher to spend on goodies in-store or on their website. Head over to the Thomann competition page (opens in new tab) to see what you have to do to enter. The Easter sale runs until 19 April, so be sure to be quick, if you fancy picking up a bargain.  

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