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These 23 Black Friday and Cyber Monday music deals are still live – laptops, guitars, electronic drum sets and more

Cyber Monday and Black Friday leftover deals
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With the noise of Black Friday and Cyber Monday still ringing in our ears, we've been looking back on what was an epic event for musicians. There were massive savings to be had on everything from guitars, drums and software, to Apple AirPods and online lessons subscriptions.

If you missed out but still fancy adding something new to your studio setup, adding boosting your guitar collection, or picking up a stocking filler for the musician in your life, then you're in luck, as some of the Cyber Weekend deals are still live today. 

We've rounded up some of our top picks right here. Can't find what you want? There are even more still live deals to check out over on our Cyber Monday music deals page.


Apple M1 MacBook Pro (256GB): £1,299

Apple M1 MacBook Pro (256GB): £1,299 £1,169.97
Save £130 on this 13-inch MacBook Pro at Amazon UK, with M1 power, 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage. Logic Pro and GarageBand are already fully compatible and other DAWs and plugins are starting to follow suit.

Dell XPS 13 | i5 | 8GB:   £1,149

Dell XPS 13 | i5 | 8GB:  £1,149, now £999
This XPS 13 i5 is one of the top music production laptops for those who prefer to do things on a slightly smaller budget. This XPS model contains an 11th Gen. i5 processor which, although not the most powerful option in the range, is still more than capable of some reasonable processing speeds and power. Most medium-sized recording sessions will be catered for with this XPS 13, and if you’re someone who just likes to record their own tracks, this laptop with 8GB of RAM should be more than suitable. Get £150 off as part of Dell UK’s Cyber sale.

Guitars, amps & effects

Gretsch Guitars G2420T Streamliner: $549.99

Gretsch Guitars G2420T Streamliner: $549.99, $349.99
Gretsch Streamliner guitars are stonking value at full retail price, so this deal at Guitar Center makes the G2420T unmissable. Nothing sounds like a Gretsch and this maple-bodied, Bigsby-rocking hollow-body nails that signature tone precisely, in no small part due to the wonderfully sonic BroadTron humbucking pickups. You know you've always wanted one…

Fender Player Telecaster Plus: $829.99

Fender Player Telecaster Plus: $829.99, now $699.99
Fender Player Telecaster Plus is a fantastic option for those seeking the unique sound only a Telecaster provides, but with a sleek modern edge. The inclusion of a flame maple veneer and striking blue burst finish gives this already stunning guitar a completely new look, and with $130 off, it gets even better.  

Blackstar Studio 10 6L6 1x12" amp $729.99

Blackstar Studio 10 6L6 1x12" amp $729.99 $599.99
A great saving on a great valve amp; this 10-watt combo will deliver full fat tones for home and stage. Jazz, blues and rock; you're confidently covered here and a 12-inch Celestion Seventy 80 speaker will help serve all the punch and clarity you need. 


Boss Pocket GT: was $199.99, now $149.99
Practice tools don’t come much more powerful than the Pocket GT - a comprehensive modelling unit that includes over 100 amps, stomps and effects, 99 user memories, USB, Bluetooth and Boss’ unique YouTube streaming integration. If you’re looking for a do-it-all solution that you can take anywhere, bag a bargain now at Amazon. You won’t be disappointed.

TC Electronic Ditto+ Looper Pedal was

TC Electronic Ditto+ Looper Pedal was $149 $74.49
This ultra compact looper pedal has an incredible feature-set ad at this price it's a true bargain. Its 24-bit sound quality, 99-loop storage, unlimited overdubs, 1-knob control and hi-res display are unbeatable for the money even at its full price! 

Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass HH: $479

Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass HH: $479, $429
Don't worry, low-end caretakers - we've not forgotten about you. Sweetwater has currently knocked $50 off their exclusive Active Squier Jazz Bass in Satin Black, so you can lay down those huge, punchy basslines knowing you've got the power to back up your playing. The 5-string version is available on sale too, if 4 just isn't enough.

Recording gear

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM studio monitor: $350 $249
Get one of the best compact studio monitors at a cracking discount. The iLoud MTMs will give you an honest representation of how your mixes sound, making it far easier for you to make them sound better.

Blue Microphones Yeti Nano: Was $99, now $79

Blue Microphones Yeti Nano: Was $99, now $79
Is the standard Yeti a bit too much for you? For those that want the Yeti sound and build quality without the size or extra features, the Nano is the mic for you. It delivers the typical Blue Microphones high-fidelity sound, but with only two pickup patterns - Cardioid and Omni-directional. With no-latency monitoring and onboard controls, the Nano makes vocal recording a joy. 

Shure MV7 + Manfrotto tripod bundle: $269

Shure MV7 + Manfrotto tripod bundle: $269, $219
This is the bundle for wannabe podcasters. You get a Shure MV7, which is simply one of the greatest podcasting mics available today. It looks and sounds just like a mini version of the legendary SM7B but has some nifty new features including the ability to be hooked up via XLR or USB, plus a headphone socket for direct monitoring. Also included in the bundle is a sturdy, yet lightweight PIXI mini tripod from premium brand Manfrotto. Just add vocals.

M-Audio AIR 192|4 USB Interface: $119

M-Audio AIR 192|4 USB Interface: $119, $99
A well-made, easy-to-use audio interface is an extremely valuable item to have - especially if you're interested in recording your own music. This intuitive little interface allows you to capture 24-bit/192kHz studio-quality audio, while also allowing you to record up to 2 channels at once - it could be precisely what you need to finally create that Grammy award-winning album. 

Keys, synths & controllers

Roland GO:KEYS 61K: was $349

Roland GO:KEYS 61K: was $349, now $249
The Roland GO:KEYS 61K is a completely wireless, battery-powered, portable solution for playing keyboard. It comes loaded with over 500 sounds, has its own speakers built in and is equipped with Bluetooth for wire-free connectivity. You even get access to free online lessons via Skoove. This feature-packed portable keyboard offers a lot of bang for your buck, and with $100 off, the deal just gets even better!  

Arturia Keylab 49: was $269, now $229

Arturia Keylab 49: was $269, now $229
49-key keyboard? Check. Knobs, sliders and pads for sophisticated MIDI control? More than you can shake a maraca at. Bundled software suite that comes with Analog Lab, Ableton Live Lite and over 5000 synth sounds? You guessed it - the Keylab's got it. Arturia's Keylab 49 is one of the most full-featured, versatile controllers on the market, and it's been priced down by $40 at Amazon this Cyber Monday. 

Casio PX-S1100 Bundle: $888.98

Casio PX-S1100 Bundle: $888.98, $819.99
The new Casio PX-S1100 is an updated version of the immensely popular S1000, and it looks and sounds better than ever with tweaks to the user interface and speaker system. Right now, Musician's Friend is offering a discount on not only the piano but also the accompanying stand and pedalboard unit. So grab everything you need to play piano while you can. 

Casio Casiotone CT-S410: Was $229.99, now $199.99

Casio Casiotone CT-S410: Was $229.99, now $199.99
Casio is no stranger to the world of beginner keyboards and the Casiotone CT-S410 proves why they are so beloved in this category. Featuring 61 full-size keys with touch response, pitch bend wheel, and easy-to-use controls, as well as 600 AiX-powered sounds and 200 full accompaniment rhythms, this is a fantastic keyboard for the budding pianist. 


iZotope Diamond: $2,268

iZotope Diamond: $2,268, now $149, $2,119 off
For not much more than the cost of the Gold or Platinum packages, you can add Diamond to your production arsenal. This time there's an upgraded version of Nectar, which promises to fix any vocal problems and/or just add sweetness to taste. iZotope Neoverb is the other new headline act. This impressive plugin harnesses iZotope’s cutting-edge AI-assisted processing to provide an ultra-powerful, ultra-versatile reverb.

Waves Cyber Monday: Save $$$ + bulk buy discounts

Waves Cyber Monday: Save $$$ + bulk buy discounts
You’ll find everything from reverbs and delays, to compressors and virtual instruments in this sale. There’s even a few bundles tucked away amongst the hundreds of items on sale at Waves right now for even greater value for money.

Waves Silver plugin bundle: Was $599

Waves Silver plugin bundle: Was $599, now $49.99
For Cyber Weekend 2021 you can get your hands on 16 professional award-winning plugins for music production, mixing and mastering all for an insanely low price of $49.99.

Native Instruments: 50% off 250 plugins

Native Instruments: 50% off 250 plugins
Make the most of the Cyber Monday plugin deals madness and take your production to the next level with big savings on instruments, effects, expansions and upgrades with Native Instruments. Regardless of whether you’re a player, composer, producer or all of the above, this Cyber Season sale will provide you with all the production tools you need.

Waves Horizon Bundle: was $3,999

Waves Horizon Bundle: was $3,999, now $274.99
No, that's not a typo. You can save whopping 93% on the list price of one of Waves' most sought-after bundles. With 83 plugins, it's a complete processing suite containing everything you need to add sparkle to your productions. Enter the code BF21 at the checkout to get your discount. 


Roland TD-07KVX: $1,599.99

Roland TD-07KVX: $1,599.99, now $1,199.99
With mesh snare and tom pads, acoustic-style hi-hat mounting, Bluetooth connectivity, USB and 25 excellent kit presets, the TD-07KVX is the top of its range. Don't settle for a generic electronic set this Cyber Monday, this is the best e-kit deal we've seen so far.

Alesis Command X Mesh e-kit: $899

Alesis Command X Mesh e-kit: $899, $649.99
Alesis is one of the very best when it comes to Cyber Monday deals - and this Command X with all-mesh heads is no exception to the rule - with $250 off at Musicians Friend. A second crash cymbal included means your creativity can flourish even more than before, and the Advanced Drum Module enables you to explore even more sounds, kits, training functions and backing tracks. 

These sales are still live

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