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The D16 Group Total Bundle is half price this Black Friday and we've found an even better deal at Gear4Music

D16 Group Total Bundle Black Friday deal
(Image credit: D16 Group)

D16 Group has dropped the price of its Total Bundle this Black Friday by half (was €939/£799, now €470/£397) and while many resellers have followed suit, one outlet has gone that little bit further and dropped the price even further.

We've trawled the web to find that the best deal can be found at Gear4Music, which has seen fit to reduce the price even further. You can now get D16 Group's entire back catalogue of plugins instruments and effects for just £373.99.

D16 Group Total Bundle: was £799

D16 Group Total Bundle: was £799, now £373.99
Bag yourself 18 virtual instruments and effects, including the likes of LusH-101, Sigmund, Puncherbox and Tekturon, to name but a few.

What's included in the D16 Group Total Bundle

  • Spacerek
  • Syntorus 2
  • Godfazer
  • Redoptor
  • Fazortan 2
  • Toraverb 2
  • Tekturon
  • Repeater
  • PunchBox
  • Lush-101
  • Nepheton
  • Decimort 2
  • Drumazon
  • Devastor 2
  • Nithonat
  • Phoscyon
  • Antresol
  • Sigmund

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