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The best new cymbals in the world right now, as voted for by you

(Image credit: Zildjian)

Our cymbals are one of the most personal items in our kits - they're what give us the flavour on top of the meat of kick and snare, and as such, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to our precious metals.

But this year has seen some excellent additions to the cymbal world, with a number of reissued classics, new takes on existing concepts, and - as we love to see - plenty of great value affordable cymbals hitting the market. Here are five of the best cymbal ranges released in 2020, decided on by you! 

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1. Zildjian i Family

(Image credit: Zildjian)

Zildjian re-thought its entry-level offering for 2020, and with B8 bronze and a complete range of options including traditional hi-hats, crashes and rides through to effects and accent cymbals such as multiple splashes and trash crashes, it’s no wonder they’ve gone down a storm.

2. Sabian HHX Complex

Sabian HHX Complex

(Image credit: Future)

Smooth, glassy, harmonically-rich, the HHX Complex series sees Sabian capturing peoples’ attention once again. Incorporating hammering and lathing (or not!) techniques from across its HH, HHX and Artisan line-up, the HHX Complex delivers some superb high-end cymbals that  work across a whole range of genres.

3. Meinl Pure Alloy Custom


(Image credit: Meinl)

Another vote for shimmering, smooth cymbals, the Pure Alloy Custom range from Meinl shaves down the thickness and adds a bit of warmth to the Pure Alloy series. Judging by this year’s releases, we’d say that the trend for bone-dry, super-trashy metal is slowly moving back towards the clean ‘studio’ sound.

4. Paiste Formula 602

Paiste Formula 602

(Image credit: Paiste)

The 602 line was launched in the late 50s as Paiste’s first ‘premium’-level cymbals. For 2020, Paiste brought back Heavy and Medium 602s using master cymbals from the Paiste vault as the template, as well as some odd-size additions to its Thin crashes. These are the vintage Paiste sound, built to stand up to the demands of now.  

5. Zultan Q Series

Zultan Q

(Image credit: Thomann)

It’s been a big year for Thomann-owned brand, Zultan, particularly in the UK. With a whole load of new ranges at affordable prices, plus its 20th Anniversary, we were very impressed with its Q Series cymbals. The future is looking bright for one of the ‘other’ brands in the cymbal market.