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The best Black Friday deals on Soundtoys plugins can be found at Sweetwater

Black Friday Soundtoys 5 bundle deal
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Soundtoys plugins have taken a huge price drop at Sweetwater (opens in new tab) as part of this year's Black Friday plugin deals and we've not seen them cheaper anywhere else.

It looks as though absolutely everything from the Soundtoys 5 bundle down to the likes of Little AlterBoy and FilterFreak has had up to 70% slashed off the original price.

If you're looking to purchase a huge pack of essential spatial, modulation, filtering, EQ, dynamics and saturation effects then the Soundtoys 5 bundle could be just the thing for you.

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Big savings on Sou...

Soundtoys 5: was $499 now $229, save $270 at Sweetwater (opens in new tab)
Soundtoys' big bundle comprising of 21 plugins is down by 54% and features everything you need to shape and breathe life into your productions. 

The huge pack includes 21 effects plugins, plus Soundtoys Rack multi-effects plugin which allows you to run multiple effects in one plugin.

However, should you not be needing a whole suite of plugins, then there are plenty of individual offers available Sweetwater.

A slew of plugins has been dropped to just $39 with PrimalTap and FilterFreak just two highlights. Check out the entire Soundtoys selection at the Sweetwater sale (opens in new tab) for all the bargains.

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Soundtoys PrimalTap: was $149, now $39, save $110 (opens in new tab)
Based on the Prime Time hardware delay from 1978, PrimalTap delivers everything from subtle chorusing and flanging to complex multi-tap delays. It's perfect for lo-fi echo effects, and even more perfect at a discounted price of $39.

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Soundtoys FilterFreak: was $149, now $39 (opens in new tab)
Want to get creative with your sounds, but you also love that analog vibe? Want to save a whopping $110 in the process? Look no further than the amazing FilterFreak, a filter plugin that gives you a classic, warm analogue effect.

The best Black Friday deals

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