Summer NAMM 2016: Dave Smith Instruments officially announces OB-6 module

Does this mean we'll be able to poly chain this and a Prophet-6 module?
Does this mean we'll be able to poly chain this and a Prophet-6 module?

Dave Smith Instruments has unveiled the module version of the OB-6 synthesizer at this year's Summer NAMM show in Nashville.

We got a sneak peak of the new synth yesterday as it seemed the cat was let out the bag a little early on Twitter, but now we have the full details.

So as with the Prophet-6, then OB-6 module has dispensed with the keyboard, but still keeps all the controls to keep all the parameters at your fingertips. And just like the Prophet-6, this new SEM-inspired desktop synth will also feature the poly chain feature, so you can link two modules together to achieve 12-note polyphony.

The OB-6 desktop module will be available in the early Autumn with a projected MAP of $2,299. More information can be found on the Dave Smith Instruments website.

The OB-6 is a collaboration between two giants in the synth world, Tom Oberheim and Dave Smith, who introduced the keyboard edition at this year's Winter NAMM show.

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