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Superbooth 2018: All the best bits from this year’s synth-a-thon


Yamaha’s room was a hive of activity with countless on-stage demonstrations and performances. A number of performers were showing off various Yamaha instruments including the Vocaloid and we also caught up with Richard Devine post-set to chat about his touring rig and latest album.

Located at the opposite end to the stage was an ode to Yamaha synth history, a museum of classic instruments including a CS-80 which was joined by the likes of the DX7 II, VP-1 and more contemporary grooveboxes such as the AN-200.

Also in attendance were some real hands-on control for both the Yamaha Reface DX and DX7 II from the good folk at Dtronics. Both the DT7 and DT-RDX programmer open up both of the respective instruments with intuitive control over all functions.

Bastl Instruments and Casper Electronics

Bastl Instruments was showing off two new Eurorack modules in the form of the Timber waveshaping module and 1983 polyphonic MIDI to CV interface. We also got a chance to see and hear the standalone Thyme processor in all its Robot Operated Digital Tape Machine finery.

The longstanding relationship between Peter Richards’ Casper Electronics brand and Bastl seems to have found renewed solidity in the form of new ‘Casper Bastl’ branded modules; Party Mix and Dark Matter.

Branching out of Peter’s work with no-input mixing, both modules play with feedback and pushing the limits of what mixers can normally do. 

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