Superbooth 2018: All the best bits from this year’s synth-a-thon


While Superbooth mostly concerns itself with the hardware realm of electronic instrumentation, there were still a few notable software companies dropping big updates. Perhaps one of the most interesting this year was Spectrasonics’ update of Omnisphere.

Version 2.5 sees the heavyweight softsynth add hardware integration into the mix, allowing you to take control of some of the most popular hardware synths out there.

Haken Audio and La Voix du Luthier 

Introducing the newest instrument to its roster were Haken Audio with the ContinuuMini. The smaller version to the hugely expressive Continuum is scaled down with a fewer number of sensors. This means that it’s monophonic, but also polyphonic at the same time; notes can only be played one at a time, but can sustain polyphonically, so there’s no voice stealing.

The ContinuuMini comes with its own editor for the onboard sound engine and the booth was also home to the La Voix du Luthier Onde acoustic speaker. The self-powered speakers operate on the same principles as any acoustic instrument and and offer line-level stereo in  and Bluetooth audio (aptX).

Simon Arblaster
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