Superbooth 2018: All the best bits from this year’s synth-a-thon

Erica Synths and Snazzy FX

Latvian noisenicks Erica Synths had originally planned on bringing just a couple of new modules to show off at Superbooth, however, that went horribly wrong when it inadvertently built a whole new system.

Based around the Drum Sequencer, which we saw at this year’s NAMM show, the Techno System is a 15-strong module instrument that also features a drum/loop sampler and a fully analogue synth voice designed for whipping up some serious acid basslines. 

Helping to bring back the Snazzy FX pedals back to market, Erica Synths were also showing off the latest crop of machines from Dan Snazelle. Much like the ES Techno System; the Wow and Flutter, Tracer City and Mini-ark are already on our wishlist.

This Is Not Rocket Science

TINRS’ Stijn Haring-Kuipers, who along with wife Priscilla, was showing off two new modules; Edgecutter visual envelope and Wobbler advanced LFO.

That was not all, as also on display were two prototype keyboards, which Stijn has in mind to release in kit form. But perhaps the most exciting thing was the mention of a collaboration with the SyntoNovo guys on recreating a new version of the Synton Fenix II.

Unfortunately there’s nothing to show at this stage, aside from the original, but we are assured that it will be a new version befitting the needs of electronic musicians in 2018.

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