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Superbooth 2018: All the best bits from this year’s synth-a-thon

IK Multimedia

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises of the show was announced just a day before and not many people saw this one coming. IK stepping out of the software safety-net into hardware synth territory with the sub $200 Uno monosynth.

Created with the help of Italian boutique synth maker Soundmachines and Erik Norlander, one of the creators of Alesis’s whopping Andromeda synth and now part of the IK team, of course we had to have a chat with him about the new synth-kid on the block.

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Polyend and Dreadbox

Some collaborations just make sense. When Yannis from Dreadbox got in touch with Polyend’s Piotr Raczysnki about helping him out with the presets on the then new Medusa synth, it wasn’t long before things got out of hand - in a good way.

The culmination of their hard work has brought a new version of the Medusa which is feature-packed to say the least. In fact there seems to be very little left out…

Dreadbox was also proud to introduce the third iteration of the Erebus synth to the world and our first impressions are good. It is most certainly an improvement on the originals with an extra oscillator, auto-tuning function, unique triple ring modulator and 35 point patchbay.

This is also in conjunction with the launch of the new Lil’ Erebus DIY kit, which is yet another take on the Erebus formulae.